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  1. Har du testet quilt ved sånn temp som den er beregnet for?
  2. [Hidden Content] (ble vel litt feil denne ja...)
  3. Det er bare å legge et telt inni bestilling det så ser du at han ikke legger til mva i etterkant. Regner med at det er som i norge at prisen som opplyses til forbrukere skal være ink mva..
  4. Ser ikke ut som det er plass til dobbelt stangsett [Hidden Content]
  5. Har fått tilbakemelding fra Trekkertent på et par forspørsler jeg hadde til de " The Saor tent has a mostly solid fabric inner tent, the door side has a mesh window on the top half. It is possible to change the amount of solid fabric and mesh though. There is a very large vent at the front of the tent, the flysheet door can be dropped down from the top using 2 way zips to give a large opening behind the storm panel. The poles as standard are 8.8mm Easton Aluminium, these are short section poles, about 34cm long, so easy to pack. Some people request 10mm poles, there is no extra cost for these. The guylines are placed similarly to the Unna. There are 2 tie outs connected to guylines on each of the 4 corners of the poles, 2 on the front panel and 2 on the rear panel, as well as the 4 corners of the flysheet, so 16 tie outs in total. The tent was inspired by the Unna. I think the wind performance of the Saor could be better though, the dcf fabric stays tight, not going slack with changes in humidity and temperature, as the silnylon can, so there is less strain on the poles as they work together with the dcf fabric well." Og " We use a silpoly fabric for the floor, this has a silicone coating on the outside and a PU coating on the inside, so it is not slippery and it has a waterproof rating of 4000mm. DCF is a very strong and waterproof fabric, but it is not good with abrasion. To use it as a floor material it really requires a thicker grade, 1.0 oz preferably, this costs a lot more than the silpoly for very little weight saving. A customer did hike and ski the length of the Norwegian mountains in winter using one of our 0.8 oz dcf tents, it was the Phreeranger though. We added snow valances and made some other minor modifications, it is not a free standing tent like the Saor but it did work well. "
  6. Spennende telt! Du får legge ut en gjennomgang når du får testet det :-)
  7. Anund Wigen


    Noen som har testet denne? [Hidden Content]
  8. Har to ursuitdrakter og er veldig fornøyd med de!
  9. Tenker du dette som selvstendig eller som innertelt til Unna?
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