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Anbefaling for sovepose?

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I haven't been camping in forever and never in Norway, so I am a bit clueless at all of the available selection.

Could you recommend a good and long-lasting sleeping bag for Norwegian climate? (Mostly planning to be camping in Oslo/Bergen area/South part of Norway, not up North). What else should I also get in addition to the sleeping bag for comfortable sleeping?

Season: Spring, Summer and Autumn (3 season)

My height: 181cm, so prefer some longer sleeping bags

Price range: Up to 4000kr


Tusen takk!

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Sounds like you have some great adventures ahead!

As you’re alluding to, it’s important to consider your sleeping system as a whole. Too many beginners over invest in the sleeping bag and don’t leave enough money for a proper sleeping mat. The mat provides insulation from the ground in an area where the sleeping bag insulation material will be compressed and not function optimally. Additionally, it provides softness important for comfortable sleeping. 

If you’re pushing the temperature ratings of the bag, adding a dry woolen base layer, underwear, beanie/balaclava and a down jacket can help a lot and allows you to extend the useful range of the bag to the few colder nights you might experience during the edges of the season. A bottle of heated water down at your feet also makes wonders!

I think I own at least six sleeping bags, but the one I’m using the most spring, summer and fall seems to be similar to this model from Helsport:


I’m also very happy with my Exped sleeping mats. Your length is similar to mine, so I’d recommend a LW model (long and wide). A synmat should be good enough for summer, choose the downmat if you also want to camp below freezing temperatures.

Here’s the Exped Synmat 7 LW:


Happy camping!

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16 hours ago, Vandrefalken said:

Depends on a lot of factors, as with all things.. 😛 
Are you intending on purchasing the sleeping bag etc here in Norway, or somewhere else? 
Is the budget 4k NOK in total or just for the bag? 
Will you be sleeping in a tent? Hammock? Something else? 

Purchasing everything here in Norway as I live here 😊

Well, I guess only a sleeping bag and pad can fit into that price. So would purchase hammock and tent a bit later :)

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5 hours ago, Kamilė Nanartonytė said:

Purchasing everything here in Norway as I live here 😊

Well, I guess only a sleeping bag and pad can fit into that price. So would purchase hammock and tent a bit later :)

Gotcha. :)

Most sites like FjellsportMilrabOutnorthHektaPåTurRevirHelsport all generally have good options for sorting and finding what you want/need. Some of them have discount codes for your first purchase as well, in addition to sales. Let me know if there's anything else or something more specific. :) 

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If you are fortunate enough to have friends who hike and camp, maybe they have some gear you could borrow for your first trips? 

This would allow you to gain experience with the types of activities and camping you want to do and how the camping gear works for your purpose.

A good tent is not cheap, so might even make sense to rent your first test night to avoid wasting money on something that turns out to not fit your needs.

(Writing this in a Helsport Reinsfjell superlight 2 person tent which I’ve been very happy with. There are smaller and lighter tents on the market, but for this bicycle trip on the north west coast it was great with a little extra space and luxury)

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