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Hilleberg versus Hilleberg: Om impregnering av telt


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Her er hva Hilleberg sier om behovet for å impregnere teltet. Dette sakset fra deres svensk språklige side om teltbruk:


Jag har haft mitt tält länge och undrar om jag skall impregnera om det?

De belagda vävar vi använder i yttertält och golv är vattentäta på grund av den beläggning väven har, inte någon impregnering. Gammal sliten väv med försämrad vattentäthet kan därför inte förbättras i egentlig mening genom impregnering. Ett slitet golv kan återställas genom golvbyte, det vill säga vi syr in ett nytt golv i tältet.


Men så bytter jeg språk til engelsk, og se her hva de skriver der som svar på samme spørsmål:



My tent has seen a lot of heavy use, how can I retreat the fabrics?

Our fabrics are very strong and both waterproof and highly water-repellent. However, sun, wind, rain and wear will weaken any fabric over time. Just as UV rays from direct sunlight have adverse effects on our skin, the same is true for all materials, including, unfortunately, tent fabrics. Exposure to the sun's rays, especially at altitude and in the southern hemisphere, can weaken a fabric's performance over time. One such weakening is diminished water repellency, so that water no longer runs off the fabric as it did when it was new. This does not, however, indicate a reduction in how waterproof the fabric is. Retreating the fabric will improve both protection against UV damage and water repellency.


Retreating your outer tent

For retreating our outer tent fabrics, we recommend Nikwax Tent & Gear SolarProof, which is easy to use and does not contain fluorocarbons. Set up your tent and wash it with a sponge and lukewarm water. Spray or brush the Tent & Gear SolarProof on the fabric and wipe off any excess liquid. Once the tent has dried it is ready for use.


Please note that Tent & Gear SolarProof should not to be used on a new tent, but only on one that has lost its water repellent ability. Note also that we always recommend that you protect your tent from harmful UV rays by avoiding pitching it in direct sunlight and/or by using a tarp as sun protection.


Retreating your inner tent

If the water repellency of your inner tent has diminished over a long period of use, you can use Nikwax TX.Direct© Spray-On, which works well on fabrics - like those in our inner tents - that need to have both air permeability and water repellency. As with Tent & Gear Solarproof , spray on the TX.Direct, wipe off any excess liquid, then let it dry.


If you would like more information about these products and to find out where you can purchase them, please visit www.nikwax.com.


Tilfeldig, eller kan vi anta at Hilleberg i USA innledet et samarbeid med Nikwax mon tro? :-/

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