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Some Questions to Børgefjell

Sascha Augsten

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At first, sorry for writing in english, but i am not able to speak norwegian and hope to get some help from locals of the northland.

After our tour in Lomsdal-Visten last year, me and my wife would like to do a trip in Børgefjell this year in september. It would be nice to include the mountain/glacier-areas of Kvigtinden and Golvertinden in this trip. Our first plan was to do a round-trip, enter and exit the park from Majavatn, ( we have no car in Norway and the trip depends on public transport!)  with Golvertinden being the most northern point of the tour. But this would be a long hike, so we are searching for an alternative Route to cross the park.

Susendalen in the north-eastern part of the national park is reachable with public transport , so we studied the map and thought about enter the fjell from then north- east, along Mjolkelva. My question is: Is here somebody who did this in the past and walked along Mjolkelva from Susendalen to the Golvertinden-Area or knows the area ? Regarding the map and satellite photos it should be possible, there are even some paths/tracks in this area along Mjolkelva at the first kilometers. I would expect, it is better to start at the southern side of the river because we have not to cross it later on the way (what could be difficult to impossible in spate conditions, I think). If this would be doable, we would prefer this and then go from Golvertinden to Kvigtinden and exit in Majavatn. An alternative (and maybe shorter!) approach could be from simskardet from north-west.

Feel free to offer alternative routes but remember that start/exit must be connected by public transport.

tusen takk!


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