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HH odin 9 worlds infinity skallbukse


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La nettopp inn en liten review på HH sin FB side men tipper den ikke blir værende lenge der. Tenkte å legge den inn her også for moro skyld.

Skrev den på engelsk og orker ikke skrive på nytt så bare klipper og limer inn her. Bilder kan sees på HH sine sider



As there is no way to post a review of products on the website i am taking the liberty of posting one here.


Bought the ODIN 9 WORLDS INFINITY SHELL PANTS as i figured i would like to try something other than the Goretex pants that always start leaking after a while and you never get completely waterproof ever again. So the Infinity PRO tech sounded promising and i figured i would have a go at it. Even with the pretty steep pricetag. (buy once, cry once kind a thing)


These pants is intended for (according to HH`description) Back country ski/touring, camping and hiking, mountaineering and trekking. My use is mostly camping/hiking/trekking in the mountains.


Sooo. This is a strange bird these pants. I dont think any real world tests have been carried out during the engineering of it cause if there was there are things that would be different. Very different.


1. I dont climb mountains much and dont know what a climber looks for in a pant, but the legs/knees are straight cut so if you bend down (or lift your leg as a climber often do) then the leg creeps up on your shin. I cant imagine a climber would appreciate that "feature".


2. It is advertised as suitable for back country skiing. And i cant hold that against you. But it is ONLY suitable for that as the legs can not fit over alpine/randonee boots. I know, its not advertised for it either but people should know.


3. The leg zippers... OH the leg zippers!. They are perfect for ventilation. You can open up the whole side of the pants and ventilate as much or little as you want. If you open it up all the way there are buttoned straps at the top, bottom and the knee to keep it in the shape of a pant and keep it on your body. I love that. What i do NOT like about it and what makes it almost useless for me is exactly that. You can open it up ALL THE WAY. As in, you can split it up completely at the sides. You can actually take on the pants without taking your ski`s of should you want too. I cant really see the need for that though. Ever. I see the point of that feature with base-/midlayers but not with a shell pant. The problem? The legs have two way zippers so you can open them up from the top OR the bottom (or both). When the pants are closed at the top, where is the top slider located you think?. At the VERY top of the hip under the belt.

And what would that feel like if you have a big 40-50 pound backpack with a hip belt on your back (like you often do when you go hiking/camping in the mountains). The slider is located DIRECTLY on top of the hip arch where the weight of the backpack rests under the hip belt. What genius came up with this idea? You could zip it down under the hipbelt while carrying a pack but you still got a button on the top that you cant move.

This makes the practical use of these pants limited to one day trips with no pack, or cross country ski trips with no pack. Any real world testers should have picked up on this instantly and stopped it in the birth. Oh! And if you DO go on a trip without a pack you better bring a jacket to carry your essentials around in. Cause this pants got the grand total of one pocket on your right thigh...

The Verglas Infinity pants have zippers that stops further down and that would suffice on these pants as well. It does not have the Infinity PRO fabric i wanted though.


On top of that one of the gaiter hooks was missing. Customer service suggested taking it to a third party repair shop and get it fixed (at my cost i must ad). Found a hook and stitched it on my self for free though. But thats another story.


I am not impressed HH...

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  • Stv changed the title to HH odin 9 worlds infinity skallbukse
sneakyowl skrev (1 time siden):

Er dette grunnen til at den står med pris Kr 368,- nå, fra tidligere 4449,- 😁
EDIT: Det var visst kun Small-modellen.

Haha. Så det. Vurderte å prøve å kjøpe for videresalg. Men det går neppe igjennom.

Flere produkter på siden som plutselig var priset tilsvarende så jeg.

Er nok en glipp ja...

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