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Steve AdamsEpisode #133 – Appalachian Trail (Days One to Three)


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Steve is on his way and trying to adjust to his new lifestyle. So far, he has kept to the schedule he gave himself and finished day three in Suches.

It has brought back memories from his first thru-hike, with a bunch of new characters already emerging. He is listening to other people’s stories and is starting to bring them to the show. There is also a magical moment when a young woman plays the violin at the top of a mountain as the mist and cloud swirl around her.

Don’t forget to follow along twice a week as Steve podcasts from the trail.

If you want to support the production of this and other Hiking Radio Network shows, please donate via PayPal at https://mightyblueontheat.com/the-podcast/.

Just scroll down the page on your phone to find the PayPal button or look at the top of the side panel if you’re on a laptop, desktop or some tablets.


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