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Vaude sine kuppeltelt, billig men kvaliteten?


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Jeg ser at Vaude har mange forskjellige kuppeltelt både tre og fire sesongers. Taurus er et  lett 3 sesonger  til en rimelig pris, men så fikk jeg se en omtale på nett som karakteriserte det som "crap" . Alt var bare dritt med dette iflg denne brukeren. Campo er en 4 sesonger, og den virket helt grei  med enkelt oppsett til under 3000. Den veide mye, 3,8 kg, men jeg lurer på kvaliteten til Vaude.


Er det noen som har prøvd disse, eller vet noe om kvaliteten?


På forhånd takk.



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I am using many Vaude tents. Normally the Vaude tents are good. But the Campo is not a 4 season tent. It's very easy to pitch the Campo, The third pole will give more space inside and will give the tent a tight look. The rain protection is good, But the third pole will give some problems in strong winds. We only use the Campo on campgrounds (in treeline). You might get some adventure while camping above the treeline in this tent (also for Taurus).


In the past Vaude did produce probable their strongest tents, the K-2 (3p) and Explorer (2p), both tents with double poles possibilities, making the tents extremely strong. Both tents did also had big snowflaps, for putting snow or rocks on it.

Sadly 3 years ago Vaude did stop producing these tents. Reason: People don't buy it enough anymore.

Lucky for me I still have one K-2  and one Explorer tent, I cherish both.


Now Vaude have 2 other tents as 4 season tents: the Atreus and Odyssee. But both tents don't have snowflaps. Then those tents are not 4-season tents for me.

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