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Polar Bear vant dagen sist 29. desember 2014

Polar Bear hadde mest likt innhold!

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  1. There was a small Hilton Hotel this winter on Svalbard. How small it was: go to you tube and search for the words: Svalbard, hilton, hotel This "Hotel" will come back next winter, that is for sure, it was perfect 😀 On the You Tube video you can see that I can stand straight up in the middle of the "house", this was surely needed……...
  2. This winter I went back to this waterfall now filming with a drone, which give a total different view. The first video you see the polarbear going down the waterfall again. Halfway the video a picture with an air balloon above the Eskerfossen waterfall. At the end you see this waterfall in the summer at high water after 3 warm Sunny days. The second video you see the drone flying over this canyon. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  3. Here a nice video, [Hidden Content],of my kayaktrip inside the Moskusdalcanyon,a sidevalley in Sassendalen on Svalbard. On the picture you see the top of the Moskusdal canyon. The river is streaming about 10 meters lower. When inside this canyon it feels almost like being in a cave, under the ground. This was my third summer visit to this canyon. The first time was during mid summer in July. The water level is then to high to get inside this canyon with a kayak, it would be my last kayak trip…….. So I got back the next year at the end of September to walk into this ca
  4. This is a funny video, showing how to get out a polarbear of your tent. 😀 [Hidden Content]
  5. Last winter I made a combinated, seakayak-ski-tour to a nice viewpoint at Senja looking out over Bovaer. First there was no snow at sea-level, so I decided to go with my Sea-kayak to a campsite, close to a steep hill. On the other side of that steep hill is a beautiful view over Bovaer. The next day the weather forecast changed rapidly. I had to go back with my seakayak to get my seakayak save back. I left my tent, food, ski's etc.... behind, knowing that the proposed new snow fall for the next days would be enough to reach my tent on ski's. And so it did work out well. The next 2 days it
  6. This was a once in a lifetime awesome outdoor adventure in Dovrefjell in winter & summertime. Seeing the winter mountainviews from Amotdalshytta for so many times, I got the idea that it would be nice to paddle on Amotslake in the summer and try to paddle down the river from the lake. So last winter and summer this did happen. Allthough the start of the summer part did not happen as I planned but it did make this trip more special. It was something like: No matter what happen, ........ don't give up 😄 Below you see 3 pictures: 2x Amotdalshytta and one picture of the b
  7. Thanks, I use Geo Viewer Pro now to view these maps.
  8. Does anyone know if the 711 maps are also available as digital maps? I am not looking for GpS maps.
  9. Two weeks ago I spent 2 nights in the Moskusdalen canyon, sleeping in a tent on a "safe place" under the overhanging rocks. These overhanging rocks follows a curve line above the canyon which give a special light/view inside this canyon. The canyon is about 400 meters long and at the end the rocks above the canyon almost closed the canyon This is a awesome place to be, but can, depending on snowconditions, be a tricky place to visit. For more pictures of this canyon, see this picture video: [Hidden Content]
  10. on top of the waterfalls is a lake, before the dam, that would be a good campsite, you can drive with car to the lake, follow up the tollroad
  11. I didn't look for campingplaces then, just looking at the waterfalls, At the start of the track at the e6, is an information bord with other connected walking tracks, you will find camping places somewhere I think
  12. There is a nice walking track going up nedre Ula fossen, the track starts in Sel at the E6 ,4 km north of otta, track starts at the E6, north of the river, impressive waterfalls. Ask otta turist info for other walking tracks.
  13. Around easter there were some nice weather days at Longyearbyen. I went out to make some sunset and full moon pictures, both won’t be possible soon because in 10 days their will be midnightsun on Svalbard. During Easter I had a very luxery campsite on Plateauberget with 2 tents, the big yellow dome tent placed over the smaller green tent. After Easter I went up Nordenskiold and camped on the top, lucky for me there where some small thin clouds around the top, see the pictures. On the way down from the top I planned to be at the sattellite station before sunset, see the pictures. He
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