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Warmpeace Solitaire 1000

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Dette er en finsk side, hvor siste halvdel er på et språk alle kan. Her kommer både Warmpeace Solitaire 1000 og Viking 1200 meget godt ut. Synes testen virker seriøs https://sickman.fi/retkeily/testasimme-warmpeacen-makuupussit-talvikayttoon/ Fra før av har jeg lest at @Tessatrollhar testet Viking 1200 med godt resultat.

Utdrag på engelsk:


Warmpeace sleeping bags tested for winter use!

Warmpeace winter sleeping bags offered a good night’s sleep to our test groups. The sleeping bags kept our testers warm and dry throughout winter’s conditions.

CzechWarmpeace is known specifically for its products amazing quality and comfortability. In autumn 2018, we discussed about the possibility of testing sleeping bags designed for winter use with one of the Warmpeace owners, Pavel Habet. Throughout our conversation we got the opportunity to test Solitaire 1000 and Viking 1200 – sleeping bags for 5 people. For the best possible testing, it was accomplished by utilizing winter season’s variable weather conditions. 

Cold, cruel and changing weather conditions cause challenges for sleeping bag – users. So even during our testing we came across challenges. Especially early winter’s varying weather conditions, from freezing to water weather and vice versa, caused problems with moist. Besides the moist, coldness is a backpacker’s worst enemy. Of course, there are other factors besides weather conditions that affect the use of a sleeping bag, such as: the sleeping pad, the testers clothing, gender, shape, tiredness, nutrition and metabolism.

The heat in the sleeping bag happens by the person’s own body temperature and the sleeping bag’s task is to keep the body’s temperature as stable as possible. To make this work, the sleeping bag needs a good sleeping pad to resist the cold from underneath. In our testing we used two sleeping pads on top of each other, where the bottom one was made of thin foam and top one was inflatable.

We wore merino-wool sets as our underwear, and breathable and moist-resistance mid layers when needed. In addition, we wore merino-wool socks, scarves and windstopper – hats. During the test depending on the situation, we slept under the open sky, in hammocks or under a camping shed. The weather temperature varied from +2°Cto even -23°C.

In our testing we paid close attention to the sleeping bag’s insulation, breathability, water-resistance, weight and packability. With these sleeping bags, our testers enjoyed their night’s sleep nearly perfectly. We noticed how differently our testers experienced the coldness. Two of the testers experienced slight freezing, but three of the testers weren’t cold at all. According to our testing, the sleeping bag’s temperature worked as promised and insulated even better than promised.

Warmpeace Solitaire 1000 is better than promised!

Solitaire 1000 came into market in Spring 2017, which is the flagship of winter sleeping bags. The sleeping bag’s cut is proven to keep the sleeping bag roomy and snug at the same time. High air temperature value has been accomplished with high quality, thick down and interlaced structure. For the filling, we have used extremely high-quality goose down. (90% down and 10% feather). Down’s fill power – value is 750. The down is ethically produced, VDFI and EDFA certified and indigenously from a German Karl Sluka GmbH corporation. The sleeping bags are also finalized in Germany.

Based on sleeping bags laboratory EN13537 – standards, Solitaire 1000 measured comfort value is -12ºC, in which the average woman should be able to sleep without waking up to the cold. The limit value -20ºC meaning is when the average man should be able to sleep comfortably without waking up to the cold. Extreme value -43ºC designates a temperature, where the sleeper survives alive at least 6 hours without perishing to hypothermia. 

EN13537 – standard’s numbers are given at laboratory conditions, without any outer factors. Practically, values change depending on humidity, wind and cold coming from the ground. More detailed later about EN13537 – standards.

During the test, the manufacturer’s promised values were true and even better than promised, when the sleeping bag stayed dry. Problems in insulation occurred right away when the sleeping bag got wet. Getting wet was caused by the falling snow from the trees while sleeping under the sky. The outer “water – and dirt resistant DWR-treatment” fabric of the sleeping bag protects from moist but is not completely waterproof. 

Solitaire’s internal and outer fabric is made out of light 15D Colbri -polyester fabric that allows down stuffing to gather air quickly, which is when the sleeping bag is sooner ready for use. The material also feels soft and comfortable next to your skin. In addition, the fabric is breathable which means that the possible moisture insulates out. After use, the sleeping bags were well ventilated and packed in compressor bags. 

Fluctuating temperature cause challenges in warmth regulation, where the two-sided zippers are handy in ventilating regulation. This was noticed especially during the spring tests, where the temperature reached down to -12ºC at night and at sunrise the temperature rose quickly above freezing. Because of the zippers, the ventilation was better, where the sleeping bag helped prevent the sweat from dampening the sleeping bag.

The zippers zip very tightly. When closing the zipper, the thick insulation layer covers the zipper inside which prevents the warmth getting out of the sleeping bag through the zipper. We measured possible heat losses with a heat camera. The biggest heat loss happens exactly at the zipping area but not significantly. No unusual heat loss in the fabric was shown.

The draft collar in the shoulder area keeps the heat inside. The collar can be adjusted tightly by the flexible string and the string lock. Every tester was grateful for the adjustable collar. Solitaire is also prepared with a small inside pocket. The pocket is handy for protecting your phone from the cold, for example.

Solitaire’s hood is well fitted and works greatly against cold. The hood can be adjusted precisely with a string and helps the moist stay outside of the sleeping bag.

Solitaire 1000 winter sleeping bag is a great equipment for a winter backpacker. It also packs into a compressor bag conveniently. Even though Solitaire 1000 is made for winter circumstances, it works well for autumn- and spring trips.

Solitaire 1000 sleeping bag’s main features!

Material: Colibri 15D
Surface material and lining: 15D 100% polyester
Stuffing: 90% goose down, 10% feather
Stuffing weight: 1090 grams
Total weight: 1520 grams (180cm)
Fill power- value: 750
Packed size: 24 x 35 cm
Space: 9,5 liters
Comfort: -12°C (women)
Limit: -20°C (men)
Extreme temperature: -43°C
Handedness: Available in right – or leftsided zippers

The sleeping bag is also available as an extra feed – product, where there is 30% more stuffing. Warmpeace sleeping bags are available in Partioaitta. Price starting from 479,00€.

The price and quality meets in Viking 1200!

Warmpeace Viking 1200’s price quality ratio is for sure, one of the best winter sleeping bags in market. The mummy model sleeping bag with it’s hood is well finalized and sits well. Germany’s finalized fill-power 600 value down is used in the sleeping bag. In the sleeping bags Z cell structure, the down area curves on top each other which minimizes the heat loss.

Viking 1200 sleeping bag’s comfort limit for women is -10°C and for men -18°C. Extreme temperature is -38°C, where the user survives six hours alive without perishing to hypothermia. During the test, we noticed the temperatures to be correct. Insulation was even better than promised.

Inner fabric’s most important features are often breathability and pleasant skin sensation. In the outer fabrics are breathability, windproof and waterproof. Viking 1200 sleeping bag’s surface fabric is made of nylon to prevent dirt and water. Inner fabric felt nice and transferred the moist well. Moisture’s transfer is a good feature because an adult male can transpire 750 milliliters in a night. The best way to protect the sleeping bag’s insulation, is to keep it dry.

When evaluating the hood, we concentrated on its fit and the draft collar’s functionality. When turning your head, the hood also turned well and felt nice on your face. The roomy hood declined if needed with the help of the string tightening. String tighteners worked well and were easy to use. The draft collar was able to adjust tight enough, so that the heat stayed inside the sleeping bag. In the Viking 1200 sleeping bag also, there is a small inside pocket for your phone or other small accessory. The pocket is a suitable size and works.

The zippers are full-length both ways opening YKK-zippers. Zippers work flawlessly with its protector covers. Because of its long zipper, the sleeping bag is possible to open for ventilation when needed. Viking 1200 packs into a thirteen liter space (26 x 54 cm) with the help of a compressor bag. A more spacious storage bag comes with. Warmpeace Viking 1200’s sleeping bag is a high-quality sleeping bag for autumn, winter and spring camping and price quality ratio is terrific. 

Warmpeace Viking 1200 main features!

Surface material and lining: 100% polyamide
Stuffing: 90% goose down, 10% feather
Stuffing weight: 1540 grams
Total weight: 1720 grams
Fill power- value: 600
Packed size: 26 x 54 centimeters
Space: 13 liters
Comfort: -10 °C (women)
Limit: -18 °C (men)
Extreme temperature: -38 °C
Handedness: Available in right – or leftsided zippers

Prices starting at 349,00€. Warmpeace sleeping bags are available at Partioaitta.


Warmpeace is a company discovered in Prague, in 1986, and is specialized in outdoor clothing and sleeping bags. The company started by a small passionate outdoor group who started preparing down clothing and sleeping bags for their own and their friends use. 

After years, the small and passionate company rose to consumers awareness and was known for its product’s uncompromising quality and comfortability. Nowadays Warmpeace has grown from its small foundation company to a worldwide outdoor clothing and sleeping bag offering corporation. In Finland Partioaitta represents Warmpeace – products. To the company’s homepage click HERE.

The calculation of temperature ratings for sleeping bags is defined by EN13537. The sleeping bag’s heat insulation is measured according to EN13537 – standards that tells in which temperature you can stand the cold. The average man is assumed to be 173 centimeters tall and 73 kilograms heavy. The average woman is assumed to be 160 centimeters tall and 60 kilograms heavy. Both genders are assumed to be 25 years old.

Temperatures are divided into three groups according to the European Norm:

Comfort defines a temperature where the average woman can sleep comfortably without waking up to the cold. Lower Limit means a temperature where the average man can sleep comfortably without waking up to the cold. Extreme means a temperature where the average woman survives alive for six hours yet is not able to sleep and where frostbite is a possibility.However, tolerance to cold is very individual. Tolerance in a sleeping bag affects also the sleepers age, gender, tiredness, energy levels, sleeping pad, moist and other weather conditions. 

What does fill power – value tell?

Down’s quality is usually defined by fill power – notation, which describes how big of a space a certain amount of grams of down fills. Fill power – values usually vary between 400-900.

Fill power – value illustrates how many cubic inches of one ounce (28,35g) of down fills. The bigger the fill power – reading, the bigger the space is filled with down, and the better the certain amount of down insulates. 

In a nutshell, in Fill power –value high-quality down packs into a smaller space, than the same warmth products, that has weaker quality fill power – down. Thus, a product that has higher quality filled Fill power – down, is lighter.

Few tips for using a sleeping bag!

In a sleeping bag, you want to dress as little as possible, but not to sleep naked. The most suitable clothing for winter camping, is merino – wool underwear sets, (not same as used during the day). Also, dry socks, buffi, scarf, hat or ski mask, and gloves if necessary. In colder weathers you can add thicker breathable mid layers. Though, you shouldn’t get too hot. Stripped clothes can be taken with into the sleeping bag because dressing up in warmer clothes is nicer in the morning.

Before entering the sleeping bag, you shall eat and drink, because trying to sleep in hunger or thirst, you will get cold. Often being cold might be because of not eating or drinking enough during the day. That’s why eating and drinking enough should be taken care of in time. Although, you shouldn’t drink or eat too much, so that you do not need to do your needs in the middle of the night. Also, the sleeping bag should be opened and set on top of the sleeping pad well in advance, so that the down has time to expand before sleep.

Sleeping bag’s stowage and maintenance!

A sleeping bag’s long-life use needs a right kind of stowage and maintenance. Warmpeace sleeping bags are sold in a smaller space compressor bags and for stowage in a big fabric bag. Sleeping bags are stored so, that it’s packed loosely, where the down stays fluffy and airy. Compressor bags are used only for backpacking and hiking. The sleeping bag should be packed with putting the foot-end first, which helps squeeze the air out from the sleeping bag easier. 

During the use of a sleeping bag, the user evaporates sweat. It is very recommended to use a separate sheet. This is how we can prevent any impurities that come from sweat of going in the sleeping bag’s texture. Impurities also weakens the sleeping bag’s insulation. 

Sheets are notably easy to wash compared to a sleeping bag. If necessary, the sleeping bag can be washed by the manufacturer’s instructions. Down bags are washed with detergent made for down material. Fabric softeners are not used, but tumble drying prevents down stuffing from getting lumpy.

Well maintained sleeping bag is a long-lasting companion and a good quality suitable stowage bag pays off.

Choose your sleeping bag with your own measurements!

The goal is to choose the persons sleeping bag by their measurements. The sleeping bag can not be too small nor too big. The bag shall fit well with your body type and have enough space for movement. 

Sometimes it can be beneficial to have a more spacious sleeping bag, like in the winter for storing clothes to keep them warm. In winter, it’s also good to keep phones, batteries, water bottles in the warm. 

Remember, if the sleeping bag is too spacious, your body temperature is not able to warm up properly, especially in the colder circumstances.


Warmpeace sleeping bags turn out to become a very interesting acquaintance offering great overnight experiences in winter season’s changing climate. 

High-quality, well manufactured Solitaire 1000 and Viking 1200 down sleeping bags gave us memorable experiences in a sleeping bag’s extreme temperature ranges. Through the sleeping bags, we got to enjoy the amazing nature and to sleep comfortably even in the colder conditions. Insulation, breathability, water-resistance and the use of comfort were features, that the manufacturer paid attention to when planning the sleeping bag. The products have also got a great price quality ratio.

Winter sleeping bags are often talked as four-season sleeping bags. In my opinion, there is no such thing as winter sleeping bag that suits all four seasons. A winter sleeping bag used in the summer is far too hot, thus unusable.

A sleeping bag is one of the most important equipment for a winter backpacker. A sleeping bag for its intended purpose, the sleeper is saved from frostbites and can enjoy calm nights without waking up to the cold. The sleeper also doesn’t sweat the sleeping bag in a way that its uncomfortably damp.

A night in the snowbank – reality or a dream!

Sleeping under the sky in snowbanks with a raft of amazing experiences, but without proper equipment, we wouldn’t’ve gotten any sleep. 

Spending the night in a snow bank in a good sleeping bag is always an enjoyable experience. Before sleep, you can listen to the nature’s sounds. In the morning, you wake up rested in the middle of the nature. You can really feel your smallness. You realize, how small of a part a person is in this world!

Picture text: Solitaire 1000 sleeping bags are available as an extra feed – item, that has 30% more stuffing. Insulation is also better then. 

Picture text: The sleeping bag’s inside pocket is useful for protecting your phone from the cold, for example.

Picture text: Draft collar prevents heat loss from the sleeping bag. The collar can be adjusted tight with the help of the string tightening and string lock.


Jeg kommer definitivt til å komme med tilbakemelding når jeg har mange nok døgn til å kunne komme med noe vettugt.

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