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trail from glomfjord to rago national park


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From 12 till 29 july we would like to walk across saltfjellet, sulitjelma towards rago national park.

For this an option would be to go from Sulitjelma north east towards Staloluoktastugorna following the nordkallotleden.

From Staloluoktastugorna we would like to cross virihaure lake by boat if this is possible.

From Alasguotida we would then cross the border again, in order to finish our trip in ovre kvarv.

Now, can anybody inform me whether it is possible to cross virihaure lake by boat and if not, are there other suggestions.

Are there other options to combine a trip through saltfjellet and rago national park?

many thanks in advance


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Can't find any boat routes here: http://www.svenskaturistforeningen.se/templates/Page.aspx?id=2506&epslanguage=SV but it exists a boat route 2004 at least according to this thread: http://www.utsidan.se/forum/showthread.php?threadid=28217

"Nu med facit i hand kan jag svara på min egna fråga... Det går alldeles utmärkt att få båtskjuts från Stalo till västra sidan av Duvggejåhkå (Tukijåkka) eller längre om man så vill, båtresan kostar 300 kr och körs av Bosse som har Staloluokta minilivs."

"you can get a boat ride from Staloluokta to the other side of lake Virihaure (at least from East to West?, my comment) for 300 swedish crowns SEK, the service is run by bosse who has the mini- food store in Staloluokta"

If this boat runs anymore i don't know, but probably since the homepage below is recently updated:


"Båtskjuts till Arasluokta, samt båtturer på Sveriges vackraste sjö Virihaure kan ordnas, kontakta stugvärden."

Boatrides to Arasloukta and on Lake Virihaure can be arranged, contact the cabin host,"


Hope it can be of some help, i recommend you to contact padjelanta.com and ask them about boat service, the contact info is on the webpage.

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Thanks for the information.

I've contacted padjelanta.com but so far I didn't get any reaction.

on http://www.nallo2.se/images/div/padjekarta01.jpg I saw there is a bridge south of the lake, so it would be possible to walk besides the lake. On the swedish fjällkarta this bridge is not mentioned.

Can anyone confirm whether there is a bridge or not?


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Hello Belgia! Great hike you are planning! Perhaps I can help a little bit?

First: the bridge south of Virri, (Duvgge-river) is no more. Snow and ice broke it long time ago, and I don't think there are any plans of making a new one. I believe there are two small boats further up at Gasakjaure, but last I heard the oars were missing. (Plan was that there would be one boat at each side, but sometimes people (,stupid tourists?.. :) ) don't understand this so there was always a possibility that both boats were on the same side :D .

This river Duvvge is very dangerous to cross in the summer, water is cold and extremely muddy,(zero visibility), coming from "Blåmannsisen"-glacier.

In Stalloluokta I think there should be a good chance to get a ride to the west, Alaluokta. Problem is that the people who has the best boats are reindeerherders, and they can be quite busy in july, (branding the calves.) But if you get there after the 20th they are probably done by then. Prices I don't know.

Beware that there might be a lot of moscito in the Virri-area that part of the year! A lovely place to hike though, but once you cross the border and into Rago/Rahko you enter a much more demanding terrain. Be sure to choose a safe route there to avoid unnecceary trouble.

Bon voyage, and best of luck and weather!

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