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Backpackinglight -Upright Canister Stoves


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This episode of the Backpacking Light Podcast is a deep dive into the world of upright canister stoves.

Canister stoves are notoriously difficult to compare accurately. Variations in testing conditions and methodology make any head-to-head comparisons suspect at best, especially when using manufacturer generated data. That’s why we developed StoveBench and spent hundreds of hours applying the methodology to virtually every sub-four ounce upright canister stove on the market.

The result is a 15,000 word gear guide chock full of graphs, charts, raw data, and our purchase recommendations for a variety of needs. In this podcast Ryan and Andrew use both StoveBench and the Upright Canister Stove Gear Guide as a springboard for their conversation.

Ryan and Andrew get things rolling by recommending that you listen to the StoveBench episode of the BPL Pod, read the StoveBench article on the website, or (preferably) both.

After that they spend some time laying the groundwork for stove comparisons: how they define the category, how they judge stove performance, and how they went about testing those performance considerations.

The last half of the pod is a convo covering a few of the stoves that stood out in the gear guide (good and bad!). As the episode unfolds, Ryan shares his thoughts on how design features affect performance, and Andrew gets into cost considerations. The guys wrap the episode with the champs: the two stoves that stood out in nearly every test. Spoiler alert: they aren’t the lightest.

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