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Fishing permition


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Hello guys , i would go fishing in this lake name , Huldretjenn in Råholt , tell me if i need any permition for this small lake :) and where i can buy one , best will be if i can buy on internet. I also would like to know any think about lake name Transjøen near Mogreina. Thanks alot for any help

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Im not familiar with this place but since im norwegian it is easier for me to google it. 


Try the information below, it doesnt specify if the fishing card only applies to Hurdalssjøen or if it also includes other areas, unfortunately the geographic areas on fishing cards are vaguley informed on most sites, however, the guy below probably knows who to call.  Good luck



Hurdalsjøen fiskeadministrasjon

Send sms til Christian Juell


[email protected]


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With Statskort you can go fishing in those areas that are blue on the map on that page.

Huldretjenn (Huldretjern?) is not a part of Statskog. So no you can not fish in Huldretjern with statskog card unfortunately.

Try sending a email to this person and ask. : [email protected]

Or if you are in Råholdt now, the local market/foodstore or some "wildlifestore" close to the lake often sells fishingcards for the local area. (its like that in most of norway atleast)


GL :)


Edit : Correcting my rusty English...

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Just remember one thing if you are a foreigner and want to fish in Norway.

It is illegal to use live bait, and it is prohibited to bring with you any species of live fish or reptiles that dont live in the area.

(Earthworms are not live bait.)

Some areas also have rules for desinfection of equipment before or after fishing.

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