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Creative idea to make a small wintertent bigger

Polar Bear

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After many months camping on Svallbards and waiting in a small tent for better weather, this crazy idea got into my mind: Make the inner tent deeper to create more space. the outer tent stays the same to prevent getting to much wind.

So last year I enlarge the innertent 60cm, using glue and tape to connect the bigger innertent together.


Results: It works, a lot of space more. I used it last winter on Svalbard The weight of the tent is not increasing too much.. You need to have a tent which has a big space between the inner and outer tent, just to be sure that the tentpoles don't fall in the gap and that the snow on the snowflaps on the outertent will stay there.


When it is a nice day and you don't want/need to dig down just use the tent as normal, the extra innertentvolume is laying down and give no problems.


Look at the last picture: My jacket and touser is hanging on the top of the innertent and won't touch my sleeping bag.




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@Polar Bear.

Really a creative idea for winter-camping, I liked this :smile:

Have you tried out the solution i bad weather/wind?

If you stay long enough on Svalbard you get all the weather you want or not want . Yes, I have used it in bad weather. The ends of the tentpoles are about 20 cm from the hole (where the innertent drops in. The same counts for the snowflaps, which give most of the stability for this wintertent.

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