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  1. Any idea about the upcoming Asnes Mountain race 48? Regards
  2. I tested my E99 Easy Skin this week, mostly on compact / transformed snow on my preferred mountain, and I have to say, it has been positive. I also have to admit that I didn't feel a big difference between the Fischer short traps and the Intelligrips. Regards
  3. Hi volks, after two years of "wild crust skating" my fischer Powerlight show naked wood everywere in the tails. The powerlite are good at skating, but a little too stiff for managing well soft snow conditions offpiste. What about replacing them with Asnes Holmenkollen or Fischer E89 to have a little softer ski? Best regards Giorgio
  4. I've broken yesterday my Swix Extreme Mountain 160cm. I'm sad because I really love the long cork grip. Any idea for replacements? Needs to be at least 160 since I skate frequently with mountain poles. I'm 100 Kg heavy. What about the Fischer Variolite line? Cheers Giorgio P.S: feel free to reply in norwegian
  5. The switchback was locked of course, I didn't test real backcountry with skins, just a little offpiste in resort.
  6. No, walk/ski mode doesn't affect the sole flex at all (ski mode inhibits the ancle flex towards the backside only)
  7. In the sole, actually. The ancle feels like in concrete. Triing without ski, I really have to push hard my full weight to flex the sole. The rods in the Switchback are pretty loose. I didn't check the walk/ski mode. I go quickly to the basement...
  8. Hi, I've bought T4/Switchback/E109. Ski and bindings are very good. The T4 boots are very stiff and unconfortable at walking. Turning parallel is OK, but in soft snow I'm used to do telemark turns. With the T4 I'm not able to flex the foot during ski, since I have to put at least 50% of my weight to let it flex. Is it related to the fact that I've bought 1 size longer than usual to have enough space for my nordic feet? Or to the fact that the boots are new? What for a leather alternative matching the Switchback. Do Crispi Sydpolen or Svartisen fit? Best regards Giorgio P.S
  9. Difficoult to judge a specific case but the basic idea is the following: -stiff ski will be faster on flat, kick wax will keep longer, short traps will perform better on hard snow, but carving ability is bad. -softer ski right the opposite, slower on flat, kick wax wears quicker, short traps perform worse on hard surface but carving ability will be better. All the problem is the needed compromise. Remember that narrow skis are tendentially stiff, and broader ski are usually also softer. Remember also that is you plan to ski in powder with traps, speed is reduced anyway, and tra
  10. Before the beginning of last ski season I ordered Fischer Powerlight (way narrower than what you plan to buy, 51-46-49) mostly to use them on crust skating... But then we got powder and powder, more than 3 meters; more than 1 meter in one single day. I managed to use them offpiste very well, pairing the skis with Intelligrip skins for going up, and often keeping the skins to slow down at downhill. My terrain is by far not flat; some kind of "gentle top-tour" most between 10 and 30 degree. All this using skating SNS bindings and boots. Bindings and boot are NOT limiting at all. The limit is
  11. I was looking for wider and softer skis, to go offtrack and also on prepared alpine terrain... After reading this post, and having tested Intelligrip on Fischer Powerlight I decided to buy E109 instead of Asnes Store/Vetle or Nansen/Ingstad. Paired them with voile switchback for low plastic boot. I confirm that Intelligrips are really great, and if the snow is particularly fast it is possible to leave the skins on going down offpiste. They stays well in place and have a predictable braking effect, with no noise. I woul only wish more lenghts to select. Ordered 200cm (I'm 190/100)
  12. Thanks for the tips. I'll probably go with Vika, since we need skins quite a lot.
  13. I have the same problem with my first boy. 10y, 40 Kg, 140 cm. I don't know if I should go with Vikafjell 150 or 160 (the only model available for boys/girls) or if I can buy directly some women model like Skoeg 170 or equivalent. I'll probably stay on standard SNS for boot availability here in south europe. Any opinions? Regards Giorgio
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