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Fant 1 resultat

  1. This was a once in a lifetime awesome outdoor adventure in Dovrefjell in winter & summertime. Seeing the winter mountainviews from Amotdalshytta for so many times, I got the idea that it would be nice to paddle on Amotslake in the summer and try to paddle down the river from the lake. So last winter and summer this did happen. Allthough the start of the summer part did not happen as I planned but it did make this trip more special. It was something like: No matter what happen, ........ don't give up 😄 Below you see 3 pictures: 2x Amotdalshytta and one picture of the biggest waterfall in the Amotsriver, 8 km down streams from the hytta. That waterfall is better to look at, then to paddle it. That waterfall gives so much rain droplets that I had to place my camera 150 meters from the waterfall and place a stone cover on top of my video camera to protect the lens against drops. For anyone who is interested in the pictures/video's: I placed 5 video's on you tube about this trip, with a total lenght of 20 minutes. But I think you will see many special pictures/video shots. This is certainly not "just another day in the office". During this 11-12 days summertrip i got a lot of sun and many short heavy rain/hail showers every day. But Lucky for me, some sun when I was paddling on Amotslake and Snohetta was visable almost every day 😊. Here are some small notes which explain a bit what you see in the 5 video parts:: Part 1: Skiing the kayak in 2 days from Kongsvold to Amotsdalshytta (end of April). Skiing 2 days with the wind against me, knowing that the 3rd day (skiing back to Kongsvold) with the wind in the back would be really fun. Lucky for me, their was snow on the ground every where. Part 2: One week before I planned to go out on this trip (begin July) the engine of my bus got got a serious problem and could not drive. So I was stucked in Otta. What to do now? I did have a "pulk on wheels" with me to use when I walk in the first part into Amotsdalen (the first part of the the track is an old mountain road track). So I got the idea to take the "pulk on wheels" behind me bike. This was the new plan: Get every thing on the train in Otta. Get out at Kongsvold, bike the E-6 down to Amotsdalen and bike into Amotsdalen. On the way back: Bike from Amotsdalen over the E-6 down to Oppdal trainstation. I knew I could not bike up any hill with this "pulk on wheels" behind me. The E-6 goes down all the way from Kongsvold to Oppdal, so that was good. This was the way I started, you can see this on the video, and it did work out well. What a way to start a trip.............😊 I did transport a lot of equipment and food, needed for this trip, in my backpack and "pulk on wheels". So in Part 2: You can see me on the bike, walking in Amotsdalen, Pitching my tent halfway (as a kind of base camp), Walking to Amotsdalhytta, Kayaking on the lake, Walking from Amotdalshytta and following the special track over the river (the first part from the lake, the water is streaming under and beside the rocks before it becomes an open river). Part 3: Kayaking on Amotselva. The first part with less water but soon the water comes from every where into the river. At some lakes in between the rapids., the rocks are just under the waterline. Hail coming down. Great kayak views on Snohetta. Finally the first ww rapid in the river. Part 4: More ww rapids. Carry over the kayak by walking. Repairing a broken paddle by using sport tape and the aluminium angle parts (which I use for placing my camera on the kayak), very happy to have them 😊. Rapelling down a waterfall, Surching for shelter under a plastic cover against a heavy rainshower. More water coming down the waterfall after the rainshower. Part 5: Kayaking under the waterfall, Walking back to my basecamp on the otherside of the river, what a track was that 😊. Drying kayak clothes. Sleeping the last night in a nice cabin, beside the track. Nice weather the next day. Walking & biking to Oppdal. I had to secure one wheel (pulk on wheels) with a tyrap and make the axle wider (using 2 stones as a hammer) End of this 11-12 days summertrip. Sadly I am missing one sd card with pictures/video's of this trip, still hope that it might show up somewhere............ You Tube page part 1: (the other parts will show up when you see part 1)
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