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Safety for lone travellers and other solo's : "Safety Text"


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Following Ragnar's post about Satelitte-phones and Emergency Beacons, and in respect of general discussion about travelling (hiking) alone.

Here is another idea in respect of improving safety, by using a device for communication with the outside world: Safety text

Note: I'm amazed, if not shocked, to read on its present homepage now that the system would be temporarily "off-air" due to a kind of upgrading. If that means that for a few days the whole Safety Text-system is down, that surely is bad news and a sign of amateurism, I think, that's unforgiveable with these type of security services. Other parts of the website don't seem to be kept updated, so I don't know what's going on with the organisation. But the idea of "Safety Text", its technical specs and so on, sounded magnificent.

I came to learn about Safety Text last year, through a publication in The Scotsman of April 18, 2005 that is no longer online. Safety Text is a system whereby you can let your folks or friends know in advance where you'll be going and for how long. But if you don't activate any codes in time to let them know you're back / okay / all is fine, an alarm goes off - anywhere in the world - to tell f.e. parents or a friend that there may be something wrong with the Safety Text-user and they're activated to check out your situation.

A few related links:

=> Father of Lucie Blackman creates safety text service

"Hopes to protect teens and travellers" (networks.silicon.com 5 July 2004)

The service, called Safetytext, will allow users to send a message to a nominated recipient with all the details of where they're going, with whom and when they expect to be back.

The text is delayed for between 30 minutes and 24 hours, according to what the user wants, and if the text isn't cancelled, the details are delivered to the recipient – giving them and the authorities a head start in tracking down the missing person.

=> Rethinking Drinking, in a College Online Magazine of March 2006

=> "Safety Text", on Leicester News (undated article)

www.safetytext.com is a delayed message system that allows you to send a confidential text to say where you are going and with whom. The text is then held at the secure website for a number of hours, and when you return safely, you are able to cancel it. You decide how long to delay the message, from 30 minutes to 24 hours. You will receive a cancellation reminder 30 mins before it is sent. If you don't, or can't cancel it, the text is forwarded to your "buddy number" giving vital information to help find you. If your phone works abroad so will Safetytext.

Register for the service on line at www.safetytext.com to activate an account. Each Safetytext is charged at 50p on a pay as you go basis or 33p if you pre-pay.


This may have been developed more towards teenagers and young adults participating in "city life". However, I can imagine that it's a system that - perhaps with some modifications - could very well be used by trekkers and hikers in remote parts of a country as well.

In view of the present situation with the Safety Text-website,

let's keep an eye on developments in that organisation!

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