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podcastEpisode 8 – Treefool: Hangin’ High


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For our eighth episode, we kick it up a notch – a notch high up in a tree, that is. Jonathan and Mark interview Logan Spader, also known as “TreeFoopicl”, and find out why he loves to hang way up in a tree. We learn about his climbing techniques, tricks for staying safe and warm, and even get some sage advice for those of us who don’t like to get out of our sleeping bags in the middle of the night. Logan also shares with us his concerns for the world he’s bringing new life into, and what he’s doing to try to make it a better place.

After chatting with Logan, Mark and Jonathan discuss hammock stands, and how they allow anyone who wants to hammock camp without trees the opportunity to get off of the ground when there aren’t any other options.

Finally, Jonathan and Mark have the first of several quick chats with Tyler Conlin from Ultimate Hammocks. He’s bringing a brand-new lightweight hammock suspension to market on Kickstarter and we’re going to follow him through his process.

Show notes/links:

The Last Child in the Woods, by Richard Louv (Amazon link)

Mosquito Hammock, maker of the batwing hammock.

NY Times article about sleeping in New York’s Central Park Trees

Hammock Forums thread about the turltledog stand

Handy Hammock – engineered hammock stand (UK Manufacturer)

Trail Days Map – Jonathan and Mark will be there on Saturday in space #617

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