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Sascha Augsten

Lomsdal-Visten 2015 (english)

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Thanks for sharing! Seems like your route is excactly as we discussed earlier - and an ultimate route to see the main part of the national park. Too bad you did'nt get to Visttindan - but it is understandable. I know the Middagsfjellet can be difficult. Actually any route through this area can be rough.

When returning - did you consider passing all of Breivatnan on the east sides? It is common to do that when the river are high..It is a bit rocky - but easier than passing the river when its high..

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Yes, at the returning passing just the east sides of the lakes was part of an emergency exit plan, we hoped it would be possible and furthermore because there is a shelter on the east side of the lower lake.


By the way the most difficult part at the returning was after the ford on the south side of ovre Breivatnet. It was very difficult to find the entrance to the southern valley because at first you have to climb up to the pass and the sight was just a few meters and we had heavy rain and storm. Neither we could see the stone cairns on the ridge nor we could evaluate the ascent route in the upper areas. We even did not see the 2 big snowfields we remebered from the start. But with patience and attention - an at least with the gps-track, all went well. 

I hope we will return in 2017 to Lomsdal-Visten with 3 weeks of time. Then we will explore the north of the park and the Visttindan and, by good condition, will try to got trough Grunvassdalen.



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