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Advice on terrain for multiday Trek


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Hi all,


First of all I hope it's no problem I am writing in English. As a non-Norse speaker this should be easier than a google translate, as you never know what google makes of it. My name is Jaap, from the Netherlands, new on this forum, not new to Norway though, and I am hoping for some tips&tricks from you.

I am looking for some advice on a multiday trek I am planning. The idea is to skirt around the Folgefonna glacier, staying on rock (not glacier, as I am going solo). An obvious route up would be Buerdalen, and from there up north, taking in Ruklenuten, Tokheimsnuten, etc. Around most Vatnets, the contourlines seem forgiving, and they should therefore offer good wildcampingspots. The contourlines up trackless mountains however indicate severe steepness here and there. Has anyone reading this ever done a similar hike?

As I won't be able to complete a full circle around the glacier within the time given, I guess it will be a "there and back" tour, so I cannot give a full route description. But to stay close to the start: climbing up north out of Buerdalen a path is indicated at Langgrod/Sata. Is this true, is there a path? This path doesn't go up to Ruklenuten, but the contourlines indicate this should be very possible. Coming down from Ruklenuten though, the contourlines towards Blavatnet indicate steepness. Is coming down with a multiday-trekking backpack a possibility, or do I need to be equiped for rockclimbing? The same question goes for coming down north of Tokheimsnuten. From Tokheimsnuten I would like to go between the two glaciers at Bladalsvatnet. The map indicates this is glacier-free, but is that really true? I do not mind crossing snowfields/icefields and I will be equipped for that. I cannot encounter crevasses though. From Bladalsvatnet down south towards Fonnabu seems easier from the map, but I would like to hear your opinions on that (the shortest routes taking in Hondsoyra and Urdabotnshorga seem to cross short outliers of the glacier, but  I could detour them).

Fonnabu -> Sunndal is a path again, and I guess time will not permit me to take in the more complex mountains south of Fonnabu.

I hope for some proper advice and stories of experience,


atb Jaap

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