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Steve Adams -Episode #206 – Brant Bazner (Brant and Garvey)


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Our guest today, Brant Bazner, lives in the iconic trail town of Damascus. He moved there to be near the trail and has now been hiking on the AT for several years, mainly with his dog, Garvey.


Steve and Brant have a wide-ranging conversation about hiking on the trail with a dog, along with a discussion on gear and a few of Brant’s stories about his years of hiking on the AT.


You can catch up with Brant at Garvey on YouTube at

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We also have Chloe Decamera from the Appalachian Trail Conservancy on the show, talking about Leave No Trace principles as the hiking season warms up. Chloe has a wealth of information and clearly articulates what you need to know when you take to a trail near you.

Chloe has shared several excellent links as you prepare for the trail. We talk about “Don’t be that guy” on the podcast, so check out these links

Don’t Be That Guy:

Thru-Hiker Registration (AT Camp) Link:

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A.T. L.N.T. Online Awareness Course:

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A.T. Recommended Food Storage:

In today’s show, I also mention an email I had from a listener, Frances Youngblood, drawing my attention to an event happening in Lebanon, MO on April 25th. On that Saturday Frances’ friend, Tracey Sheets, will be holding a program to introduce foster children (ages 14-20) to the outdoors.

THIS IS WHERE YOU CAN HELP. We’re trying to get new or gently used hiking books into the hands of these youngsters and, if you can help, please sign them on the inside, telling who you are and where you’re from so that these young people have some connection to you and to the great outdoors. Please mail them to Tracey Sheets, PO Box 751, Ozark, MO 65721. Thanks for your help.

Finally, Paul Stutzman’s epic journey comes to an end as he stands on top of Katahdin. It’s been a blast.

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