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Steve Adams -Episode #199 – Kimberly Brookshire (Legs)

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While we normally focus on Appalachian Trail thru-hikers, Kimberly Brookshire’s story was too good to miss. She had spent the early part of her career in fashion and wanted to experience something completely out of her comfort zone. Eschewing the Appalachian and other long-distance trails, Kimberly went for the lesser-known Mountains To Sea Trail.


This proved to be the perfect segue between her previous life and a new one that she discovered. But Kimberly’s story didn’t end when she reached the end of the trail in the Outer Banks. She was enjoying the life that she was leading and appreciated the person she had become through her adventure. So she did it again, eventually completing a yoyo of the trail, becoming only the third person and the first woman to do so. The following links will enable you to connect with both the trail and Kimberly.


Links for the Mountains To Sea Trail:

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Links for Kimberly:

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Craig Griffiths of Misty Mountain Inn provides hikers with a wonderful place to rest their heads early on the AT. I stayed there on my 2019 thru-hike and thoroughly appreciated the experience. Craig tells us what the cabins have to offer the weary traveler. Find Craig and his inn at

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Paul Stutzman’s Hiking Thru has reached New York, with its delis and a shelter dubbed by Paul’s friend, Fargo, as the Pharmacy Shelter.

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