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Backpackinglight -Lightweight Chairs and Other Seats for Backpacking

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Tired of sacrificing comfort for a low base weight? So is Doug Johnson, a longtime BPL author on a multi-year quest to discover a luxurious-but-ultralight backcountry experience.  Doug has treated himself (and his family) to extensive cook systems, thick sleeping pads, and cozy hammocks - now he’s turned his expert eye to the world of ultralight backcountry seating. 

It’s a fascinating gear category, and one with wildly different approaches to solving what appears to be a simple problem - how to sit comfortably at the end of a long day. Andrew and Doug get things started by setting some parameters - no sit pads allowed in this podcast (or stools, or hammocks,  or...well...just give it a listen, you’ll catch on). 

Next, they jump into a few of the categories covered by Doug’s extensive Gear Guide: Inflatable Seat Kits, On-Ground Pole Supported Seats, Suspended Seats, and Frame Seats (among others). 

Doug touches briefly on the design elements and performance considerations of each category, then elaborates on some of his favorites seats in each category. He finishes by choosing his two favorite seats before taking a brief sidetrack into the hammock world. 

As they wrap up, Andrew challenges Doug to make a believer out of any die-hard gram counters that might be listening. 

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