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podcastEpisode 19 – Never Done

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Skjult lenke - logg inn for å se denThis month, Jonathan and Mark get a chance to talk with Mark Orton – also known as Spiguyver. We chat about his experiences camping and backpacking and what got him into producing regular video content for hammock campers and backpackers alike. We get a little more in-depth talking like gearheads, and then talk about what we all love when we’re backpacking – food! Finally, we chat a little about mountain biking where there aren’t mountains.

We get a special treat this month with Spiguyver chatting with us about our trending topic this month, modding the infamous Costco Down Throw as an underquilt/topquilt.

Show Notes:

If you’re interested in trail food, you can find pack-it gourmet here: Skjult lenke - logg inn for å se den

Here is a video on how to build your very own spiguyver stove: Skjult lenke - logg inn for å se den

Mark mentioned an imgur page with instructions for the CostCo down throw: Skjult lenke - logg inn for å se den

And finally here is a link to the GSI Kung Foon, in Titanium (Skjult lenke - logg inn for å se den) and Stainless(Skjult lenke - logg inn for å se den).

Acknowledgements go this month to our episode sponsors – Arrowhead Equipment, filling gaps for hammock campers that other companies aren’t providing, at Skjult lenke - logg inn for å se den. And many thanks to Yukon Outfitters, a Tennessee-based manufacturer of hammock camping gear and a line of outdoors-related products. Listen to the episode for a 15% off coupon code to use at Skjult lenke - logg inn for å se den!

As always, we are also inviting comments and suggestions on our Facebook page – like us there at Skjult lenke - logg inn for å se den and join the conversation. You can listen to or subscribe to the podcast from a link on our home page online at Skjult lenke - logg inn for å se den or give us a review on our page in iTunes. If you’d like to buy Mark and Jonathan a cup of coffee, go to Skjult lenke - logg inn for å se den to make a one-time donation. As always, thanks so much for hanging around!

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