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Steve AdamsEpisode #125 – Dan Harris (Scars)

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Dan Harris spent many years in the CIA, little suspecting that he’d one day use those problem-solving skills to take on a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. He has battled cancer and stood at Springer Mountain with just one lung. Undeterred, he pushed forward with a never-say-die attitude that was tested when he sustained a knee injury in the Smokeys.




Dan adapted his hiking gait to accommodate both his knee and his lack of lung capacity, pushing on and accumulating friends and experiences along the way. He shares some of those observations and experiences in our conversation.




Given the treatment he had received in battling cancer, Dan also chose to use his hike to raise funds for the Cancer Research Institute. If you’d like to donate post-hike, head on over to Skjult lenke - logg inn for å se den


Dan also started a YouTube channel to share his story. You can find that here. Skjult lenke - logg inn for å se den.


When he reached Maine, Dan was joined by his wife, Random, and the two of them were able to share the sweet moment of climbing Katahdin together.




This week, I started a short middle section that is going to be an interactive section that helps me accumulate my gear and prepare for my 2019 hike. Please join in and send me a message, preferably through SpeakPipe. Find it here. Skjult lenke - logg inn for å se den

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