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This podcast is about photography and filmmaking in the backcountry.

It used to be that creating professional photography and video content in the mountains required thirty or more pounds of gear. Not anymore. An explosion of innovation over the last few years means that you can now tell stories and capture adventures with a high degree of quality while maintaining a low pack weight and a minimalist mindset.

In this episode, Andrew and Ryan dig deep into the tools, skills, and philosophy you’ll need to enhance your backcountry photography and filmmaking skills. They get started by immediately jumping into the interview: an engaging and energetic discussion with filmmaker and ultralight backpacker Chris Smead. Chris’ film “Alcove” won the audience choice award at the inaugural Backpacking Light Film Festival in 2017, and he’s been creating non-stop ever since. 

After the interview, Ryan and Andrew take a deep dive into camera gear and content creation strategies. What makes a camera well suited for adventure filmmaking and photography? What are the different options? How do your choices affect the outcome of your final product?  What is the most efficient way to improve photography and filmmaking skills? What are the best ways to spend a limited budget?All these questions and more are answered. 

The Gear and Hiker Hack sections are concerned with batteries and power sources—how to charge them, how to keep them charged, and which ones to use.

Finally, Andrew and Ryan share what they’ve been up to lately. Ryan is making movies and Andrew is dressing for success Norwegian style.  

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