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  1. Hi, thanks for the information. We'll probably pass the lake on the western side. Depending on how much the fish like my lures we'll spend 1 - 3 days at Rosnivatnet.
  2. Hi, thanks for the answer. So it is possible the get across all creeks on the eastern side? I do know the bridge since we had our lunch break there last year. I'm looking forward to get a big one even though I'll just use light tackle. Unfortunately, we won't have a car but we will probably take a taxi from Sulitjelma to Jakkobsbakken and then start our round trip.
  3. Hi there, I apologize for writing in English but my Norwegian is very poor. Anyway, we will go hiking and fishing in Sulitjelma in August and I wonder if anyone may have an answer to my question. Our plan is to take a round trip starting at Jakkobsbakken (we'll probably take a taxi from Sulitjelma to J.). The first leg of the trip is on the track south-east (DNT track Jakkobsbakken - Vassbotn) until we reach the area of the Rosnivatnet about 2km past the NJFF hut Sølvbakkhauet. From there we want to go south"off-road" towards the track Balvashytta-Coarvi before we continue our hike to Coarvihytta. Would anyone know if it's better to pass the Stor-Rosnivatnet on the eastern or on the western side of the lake? There is a lot of creeks marked in the map the on both sides but I'm not sure if there are also some tricky streams to be waded. Some private huts are located on the eastern shore why I would assume that this would be the preferred way to get to the track Balvashytta-Coarvi. Would anyone share information about the ultimate fishing lakes in this area (maybe as a PM)? Tusen takk, Tilman
  4. Thanks for the link to your homepage. I got some useful hints. I'll probably start at Storestølen and walk up Ynglesdalen towards Geiterygghytta. I'm not sure wether to continue to Kongshelleren or to head west. I will probably decide when I'm there depending on my fishing success. Anyway, I got one more question about the region you describe in your July Blog, west of Vestredalsvatnet. Would there still be places for pitching a tent? It seems rather high with altitudes above 1500m...
  5. I appologize for writing in English because my Norwegian is very poor. I'am planning to go on a hiking and fishing trip to Skarvheimen at the end of August. I will propably start in Finse and move on to Geiterygghytta, Kongshelleren and Iungsdalshytta. I found some information about fiskekort online but I'm not sure where to get the licenses. Can I get a fishing license for the area Geiterggvatnet and Ynglesdalen at Geiterygghytta? Where would i get licenses for the lakes and rivers near Kongshelleren and Iungsdalshytta? Tilman (fra Tyskland)
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