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    Hi together, I'm going to hike Jotunheimen during this summer (2 - 3 weeks). And I have a few questions. 1) What's the best time (July, August, September) to hike Jotunheimen because of weather, melting snow, water level in rivers, mosquitoes, etc.? 2)Are there bridges over the rivers there? Does it often necessary to wade rivers, streams etc.? 3) Is there any bus connection to / from Fondsbu, Sognefjellet, Leirvassbu, Spiterstulen, Juvashytta there? I'll arrive to Oslo by train. What's the best starting point if you come by bus. I'd like to avoid Gjendesheim. 4) What to s
  3. Hi, Have somebody visited Rago in October? I'm going to visit Rago last week in September or fist week in October. What's about the weather in this time. I'd like to avoid snow:-) Will be Storskoghytta and Ragohytta open? Is there a bus conncetion from Fauske in October? Thank you, Charley
  4. to sigi: Unfortunately, you're right... I've been to Rago 3 years ago and had been reading the same guest book at Storskosvasshytta... There are several reasons for this situation there. 1. Czechs like travelling a lot. 2. There are a lot of travel agencies in Czech that offer trips to Norway. Most of them doesn't go over Trondheim but some of them does. One bus = 40 people so several buses = hunderds people... Personally I hate this kind of travelling! I think you understand me... 3. I think Rago is very popular in Czech, especially among people such as myself. There
  5. to sigi: thanks for the information; I am really looking forward to the landscape western and north of the lakes Virihaure and Vastenjaure to pär: if we have enough time we would like to hike the "trail" from the bridges across Voujatädno at Sallohaure to the Norwegian border at Rago. We have 17 days for hiking from Suorva to Lakshola. I think itis enough time for this trip, don't it? Also thanks for the information concerning new boats at Alkajaure. Anyway your webpages are very good source of information. There are a lot of interesting photos and videos. I like this area very much
  6. to pär: Do you have an idea how many days do I need to hike from Lake Virihaure to the Swedish-Norwegian border?
  7. Hi, So there isn't no trail north of the Virihaure or Vastenjaure? Does Padjelanta finish on the western side of Virihaure? Does it difficult to find Padjelanta after acrossing the lake? Concerning the boat across the Virihaure who provide this boat? What's about the weather? We're hiking from July 10th till July 30th. I hope it will be better then last year in September when I was hiking Kungsleden Best regards / Charley
  8. Hey, We'd like to hike across Sarek and Padjelanta to Rago in July. We'd like to hike from Surva via Bierikjavre, Skarja, Guoperhervagge, Algavagge, Mielladno bridge, Allajavre, Staloluokta, Ragohytta to Lakshola. Unfortunately, I can't find any information concerning trail between Saltoluokta (Arsluokta) and Ragohytta. Has anybody hiked this trail? I only know there is a trail from Storskghytta towards Padjelanta. Thanks for any information or notice concerning the trail, map, etc. Is the trail marked? I guess no. Are there any bridges or fords on the trail? Of course we need
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