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  1. BC skis with pulkas

    thank you for very much advices! that was important to ask on this forum, because you know better this terrain and specificity of moving with sledge.
  2. BC skis with pulkas

    It's my first post on this forum, so, I want to say "god dag" I plan to spend one week on Hardagervidda plateau on March. I don't want to us huts, so I thing, that I need pulkas for my equipment. And now is a question to people who walked with sledge: I have to buy BC skis but I'm not sure, what kind of skis will be better: - Clean (Waxable), and use them always with skins, or - waxless (with grip?) - if it's possible to walk on flat snow without skins pulling sledge. Please, give me an advice, because moving with pulkas it's new subject for me Thank you in advance and sorry for poor English, scuner