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  1. Hi Folks, Ok, in case you are interested - Ive posted a description about the Katterat to Rombaksbotn winter hike here: http://www.utsidan.se/forum/showthread.php?t=54326 Or some more photos on my miniblog : http://my2boots.blogspot.com/ Hope to mark up a map soon. Hope it helps someone. Regards and good walking
  2. Hi Folks, I just want to say - the Katterat to Rombaksbotn hike was great. We snowshoe'd all the way to the waters edge. A beautiful winter hike - well recommended - even if you have to arrange a boat or walk back out. (2.5hrs easy pace with a coffee stop), elk, snow, ice stunning scenery. I will post a description & photos on my blog and here. Gotta do some work first Regards all.
  3. Hi All, for those that are interested, I will post details next week of what Rombak is like in winter. But, compared to a serious hike, Rombak is pretty easy, the kids will love it. BTW, the boat has to check if there is ice in the fjord to get in to pick us up But yes, I am looking forward to a good 4 day cross country hike soon, even Aussies like snow (sometimes). Regards
  4. Hi Gal and readers, solved, we have a guy to pick us up in a boat and a local can accompany us. However, I would still like to know if there is a trail that runs from the head of the fjord along the south shore past the wreck. There is a road that comes almost to the wreck. Is that an alternative? Regards to all and good hiking.
  5. Hi Gal, Thanks a lot for that info. The picture and map are really helpful. Do you know anyone local that may be able to assist? I like the idea of crossing the border. That sounds great, but Im not sure of timing and this time I dont think we can do it as we need to get out after getting down to the fjord. The problem is that being winter, the boat does not run unless ordered, so there is no way out. Options to get out are : 1 order a boat or have a friend with a boat pick us up. 2 Hike along the shore 3 hike back up to the rail line and catch the afternoon train out again. Its easier to get a boat if we can find someone I am happy to hike out along the shore if that is possible as we could then get a car pickup. I think there is a trail along the fjord as I have heard of people camping (in summer) above the ship wreck.
  6. Hej , Kan du hjälpa mig, Tack. I want to walk the Katterat to Rombaksboten (Navvy Way) sometime next week (Feb26 2009). There will be snow on the upper slopes but thats OK we will have s/shoes. This walk is normally done in summer but apparently is OK with snowshoes on the upper trail and no snow on lower half (normally takes about 2hrs in summer). Is there anyone that can tell me : 1 The start point from the train station 2 Does anyone have a short description of the trail - so we know were we are walking in case its slightly covered with snow. eg - some way point descriptions down to the bridge and then to the fjord. 3 Is there a map of the trail and the walks along the fjord or can someone give a link to a map. While I/we plan to arrange a boat out to Narvik, I would also like to know : A Is there a trail that runs along the south side of the fjord past the ship wreck to the end of the road where we could be picked up? B If so, how long is it in time / Kms to walk. C If so, is it easy to see/follow Lastly. Is there anyone who lives in Narvik, who would be willing to accompany me even as a guide. Please contact me ASAP and we can discuss details. If anyone have a local boat contact to go from the Rombaksbotten pier to Narvik that would be helpful. I will be at Riksgransen and plan to walk Thur 26th Feb. I have suitable gear for the weather & for a day hike. If anyone can assist with any information at all I would be very grateful. Tack så mycket.

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