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  1. Thank you kindly for all the useful information, both Anders and Ost. Currently, I am studying the route with the Planleggingskarts (Southern and Northern Norway) of DNT. My next questions will be quite a difficult one to answer, and perhaps it is a silly question. Currently, the borders of Norway are still closed, as we are still in the middle of the pandemic. However, if I wish to start walking from the south on the 1th of June, would you believe that the border restrictions will be lifted in Norway? Again, I know it is a silly question, but I dont have a sense of how the situation in Nor
  2. Thank you Anders. I have been looking at your blog. When I look at the route ([Hidden Content]), then you seem to be walking straight north at first, before bending towards ths Sweden borden. As I understood it, the mountain-range is mostly at the border. Would you say that the first few weeks were mostly Forest, or are there mountains to the west of the border (when you are still in the south) as well?
  3. Hello everyone. When I posted this topic, the world was still pandemic-free. Obviously, it was not a good idea to walk Norge på langs in the summer of 2020. However, the situation of summer 2021 might be more positive! Thus, I am now again preparing for Norge på Langs. What I plan on doing now, is: 1) Get a large planning map from kartverket 2) Plan the route 4) Get my gear in order 5) Plan food Regarding 2), I am wondering why most people walk from south to north? Is there a clear benefit in doing so? People someone has some insight on this? Furthermore, I understand th
  4. Thanks alot. Besides carring paper maps, I would like to use a map on my smartphone using GPS. Is there any way of getting the Norgeskart (such as link or link) on the smartphone offline? Is that possible? Also, are there good large planning maps of Norway which can help me look for a route?
  5. Great, thanks. I found someone whom I am in contact with now through the Norge Pa Langs list, it will certainly help. Lets say I walk Norway from 1 june to 1 september (3 months) from South to North, what temprature´s should I prepare for (considering I hope being above treeline alot)?
  6. Hi all, Some time ago, I´ve been helped wonderfully on this forum: link. The Nordkalottruta / Nordkalottleden was truly great, so thanks again! I feel grateful, considering the advice I got here helped really alot. From the Nordkalottleden, I enjoyed the Norwegian mountains the most. There was alot of snow on the mountains, and lakes were still frozen, it was beautiful. So, I now plan on hiking entire Norway, I think its called ´Norge på langs´? All the information I can find, is this list: link. I still know very little about this thru-hike. Is Norge på langs possible to do mainly
  7. Thanks guys. MagnusKJ, Iam not sure about GPX, but I used this one as a backup digital topo map: [Hidden Content] What do you guys normally buy in supermarkets for hiking food up there? Lots of couscous?
  8. Hello all, In my previous topic on the Nordkalottleden I´ve got some very good help from you all, so thank you for that. Now, I plan on walking this route (the huts are orientation points and not day walks, I will sleep in a tent): From To Sulitjelma Ny-Sulitjelma Fjellstue Ny-Sulitjelma Fjellstue Sorjushytta Sorjushytta Sårjåsjaure Sårjåsjaure Staddajåkkå Staddajåkkå Staloluokta Staloluokta Arasluokta Arasluokta
  9. Hi everyone! It has been some time since you all helped me greatly, and I am almost finished preparing now. Maybe some can look at my gear list and see if something is missing, and/or something is unwise for the conditions? My list: link. Thanks already everyone!
  10. Thanks for all the help , I got my route now: From To Distance Sulitjelma Ny-Sulitjelma Fjellstue 5 Ny-Sulitjelma Fjellstue Sorjushytta 11 Sorjushytta Sårjåsjaure 12 Sårjåsjaure Staddajåkkå 5.5 Staddajåkkå Staloluokta 12 Staloluokta Arasluokta 12 Arasluokta Låddejåkk 13 Låddejåkk Kutjaure
  11. @Kjell Iver Thanks for the reply (I think I made a edit just after your reply). The walks are from hut to hut as orientation points, not as daywalks 😊 Thanks I will look into Narvik! Do you think its a much better place for resupply then Riksgränsen in terms of prices/products?
  12. Thanks again 😊. I am getting very close to having a final route, but I could use your insights again. Looking into the route using the maps on ut.no and kso.etjanster.lantmateriet.se, I think I am getting a better understanding of the area. I will try to make this post as readable as I can. Right now, I see this as being my first leg: Sulitjelma Ny-Sulitjelma Fjellstue Ny-Sulitjelma Fjellstue Sorjushytta Sorjushytta Sårjåsjaure Sårjåsjaure Staddajåkkå Staddajåkkå Staloluokta
  13. Thanks to the both of you. Jan Erik, I think Ritsem is my only option. If there is no good selection in Ritsem, I will ask around for the bus I think, because I think I really need resupply at that point, if Abisko is the next big resupply point (which is still 250km from Vaisaluokta I believe). Do you also think at this point a resupply is needed, or is there some other way of getting resupply around that time? Staloluokta, according to the website, has this in store: [Hidden Content]. It might be helpful on the way, but I dont think I can count on a full resupply wi
  14. Thanks for the advice Kjell. I chose Vaisaluokta - Abisko because all the routes which I can find online go through Vaisaluokta. I made this list: Vaisaluokta Røysvatn Røysvatn Paurohytta Paurohytta Sitashytta Sitashytta Skoaddejávre Skoaddejávre Gautelis Gautelis Hukejaure Hukejaure Sälka Sälka Tjäkta Tjäkta Alesjaure Alesjaure Abiskojaure Abiskojaure
  15. Thanks again. So far I have used several sources to plan the route and resupply points, including your blog Jan Erik (so thanks!). This is how I have it now: (1) Sulitjelma-Vaisaluokta (~108km), then take a boat to Ristem which has a supermarket to resupply fully. Then take (the same day?) a boat back to Vaisaluokta. (2) Vaisaluokta-Abisko (~240km), then at Abisko village which has a supermarket to resupply fully. I might stop at Sälka which has a shop (link), but I dont know if I can count on that. (3) Abisko-Kilpsijärvi (190km) then resupply at Kilpsijärvi village w
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