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  1. Hi everyone! It has been some time since you all helped me greatly, and I am almost finished preparing now. Maybe some can look at my gear list and see if something is missing, and/or something is unwise for the conditions? My list: link. Thanks already everyone!
  2. Thanks for all the help , I got my route now: From To Distance Sulitjelma Ny-Sulitjelma Fjellstue 5 Ny-Sulitjelma Fjellstue Sorjushytta 11 Sorjushytta Sårjåsjaure 12 Sårjåsjaure Staddajåkkå 5.5 Staddajåkkå Staloluokta 12 Staloluokta Arasluokta 12 Arasluokta Låddejåkk 13 Låddejåkk Kutjaure 19 Kutjaure Vaisaluokta 18 ~ 107.5 km Vaisaluokta Røysvatn 55 Røysvatn Paurohytta 28 Paurohytta Sitashytta 23 Sitashytta Skoaddejávre 22 Skoaddejávre Cáihnavággihytta 23 Cáihnavággihytta Cunojávrihytta 14 Cunojávrihytta Oallavagge 12 Oallavagge Katterat 13 Katterat Riksgränsen/Narvik ~ 190 km Riksgränsen Pålnoviken ? Pålnoviken Lappjordhytta 3.5 Lappjordhytta Altevasshytta 25 Altevasshytta Gaskashytta 12.5 Gaskashytta Vuomashytta 17 Vuomashytta Dividalshytta 18 Dividalshytta Dærtahytta 24 Dærtahytta Rostahytta 16 Rostahytta Gappohytta 20 Gappohytta Goldahytta 12 Goldahytta Kilpisjärvi ``16 ~ 164 km Kilpisjärvi Saarijärvi 18 Saarijärvi Kuonjarjoki 10 Kuonjarjoki Meekonjärvi 10 Meekonjärvi Pitsusjärvi 12 Pitsusjärvi Somashytta 13 Somashytta Saraelv 31 Saraelv Nedrefosshytta 27 Nedrefosshytta Reisavannhytta 29 Reisavannhytta Madam Bongos Fjellstue 30 Madam Bongos Fjellstue Kautokeino 22 ~ 202 km In total this is (without Riksgränsen - Pålnoviken, as I dont know yet), around 664 km. Seems very doable, 202 km being the longest strech. Though I am very happy with this route, are there maybe any suggestions for extentions to make the route a bit longer?
  3. @Kjell Iver Thanks for the reply (I think I made a edit just after your reply). The walks are from hut to hut as orientation points, not as daywalks 😊 Thanks I will look into Narvik! Do you think its a much better place for resupply then Riksgränsen in terms of prices/products?
  4. Thanks again 😊. I am getting very close to having a final route, but I could use your insights again. Looking into the route using the maps on ut.no and kso.etjanster.lantmateriet.se, I think I am getting a better understanding of the area. I will try to make this post as readable as I can. Right now, I see this as being my first leg: Sulitjelma Ny-Sulitjelma Fjellstue Ny-Sulitjelma Fjellstue Sorjushytta Sorjushytta Sårjåsjaure Sårjåsjaure Staddajåkkå Staddajåkkå Staloluokta Staloluokta Arasluokta Arasluokta Låddejåkk Låddejåkk Kutjaure Kutjaure Vaisaluokta At this point, I will take the boat from Vaisaluokta --> Ritsem to resupply. When I look at the Swedish map, at Ritsem I see I have two options. (1) As Kjell Iver said, I can stay on the Ritsem-side of the lake (the Akkajaure). I could then walk Ritsem-Roysvatn, on the Swedish map there is a trail so I guess its walk-able. (2) Take the boat back to Vaisaluokta and walk Vaisaluokta-Roysvatn (normal Nordkalottruta route). I think I will take this option, because it seems a more enjoyable hike. Do you guys think Vaisaluokta-Roysvatn is a better hike then Ritsem-Roysvatn? Right now, I see this as being my second leg: Vaisaluokta Røysvatn Røysvatn Paurohytta Paurohytta Sitashytta Sitashytta Skoaddejávre At this point, I would like to do something else then the normal Nordkalottruta (which is Skoaddejávre-Gautelis and Gautelis-Abisko), because I want to avoid the Kungsleden. This is my alternative plan: Skoaddejávre Cáihnavággihytta Cáihnavággihytta Cunojávrihytta Cunojávrihytta Katterat Katterat Riksgränsen At this point, I can resupply in Riksgränsen (instead of Abisko). The downside here I think, is that Cunojávrihytta-Katterat is partly on a railway. Also Katterat-Riksgränsen looks like there is some railway. Maybe getting a train from Katterat to Riksgränsen is better then walking Katterat-Riksgränsen? The big benefit is avoiding Kungsleden. Then I would need to find a way from Riksgränsen to Pålnoviken. On the Swedish map it looks like a long stretch of walking by a railway. Any suggestions, or do you think I should just walk this stretch to Pålnoviken along the railway? Right now, this is my third leg: Katterat Riksgränsen Riksgränsen Pålnoviken Pålnoviken Lappjordhytta Lappjordhytta Altevasshytta Altevasshytta Gaskashytta Gaskashytta Vuomashytta Vuomashytta Dividalshytta Dividalshytta Dærtahytta Dærtahytta Rostahytta Rostahytta Pältsa Pältsa Kuohkimajärvi Kuohkimajärvi Kilpsijärvi At this point, I would resupply at Kilpsijärvi. I also have an alternative in this part, but I dont know if this is possible with the distances (because of food-weight): going through Gappohytta and Goldahytta Right now, this is my last leg: Kilpsijärvi Saarijärvi Saarijärvi Kuonjarjohka Kuonjarjohka Meekonjärvi Meekonjärvi Pitsusjärvi Pitsusjärvi Somashytta Somashytta Saraelv Saraelv Nedrefosshytta Nedrefosshytta Reisavannhytta Reisavannhytta Madam Bongos Fjellstue Madam Bongos Fjellstue Kautokeino
  5. Thanks to the both of you. Jan Erik, I think Ritsem is my only option. If there is no good selection in Ritsem, I will ask around for the bus I think, because I think I really need resupply at that point, if Abisko is the next big resupply point (which is still 250km from Vaisaluokta I believe). Do you also think at this point a resupply is needed, or is there some other way of getting resupply around that time? Staloluokta, according to the website, has this in store: http://padjelanta.com/stugor/staloluokta/. It might be helpful on the way, but I dont think I can count on a full resupply with light-weight food. And if I could do a good resupply at Staloluokta, its still 300km to Abisko.
  6. Thanks for the advice Kjell. I chose Vaisaluokta - Abisko because all the routes which I can find online go through Vaisaluokta. I made this list: Vaisaluokta Røysvatn Røysvatn Paurohytta Paurohytta Sitashytta Sitashytta Skoaddejávre Skoaddejávre Gautelis Gautelis Hukejaure Hukejaure Sälka Sälka Tjäkta Tjäkta Alesjaure Alesjaure Abiskojaure Abiskojaure Abisko But as I need to resupply, and Ritsem is the only place which has a big enough supermarket it seems, I need to go to Ristem at Vaisaluokta. But I would not know how the route from Ristem to Abisko would go. Ill try to understand what you wrote (it is quite difficult looking and understanding all these names). Would I take an entirely other route when I take your advice then the list above, or would they intersect at some point?
  7. Thanks again. So far I have used several sources to plan the route and resupply points, including your blog Jan Erik (so thanks!). This is how I have it now: (1) Sulitjelma-Vaisaluokta (~108km), then take a boat to Ristem which has a supermarket to resupply fully. Then take (the same day?) a boat back to Vaisaluokta. (2) Vaisaluokta-Abisko (~240km), then at Abisko village which has a supermarket to resupply fully. I might stop at Sälka which has a shop (link), but I dont know if I can count on that. (3) Abisko-Kilpsijärvi (190km) then resupply at Kilpsijärvi village which has a supermarket. (4) Kilpsijärvi-Kautokeino (195km) end of the trail, I can buy normal food in Kautokeino. Does this sound about right?
  8. Thanks Jan Erik Hansen, Because I am trying to save weight, I think having 13 maps might be too much. I think I can get the whole area in 1:100 000 maps: Calazo Sarek & Padjelanta 1:100.000 Calazo Kebnekaisefjällen 1:100.000 Fjällkarten BD1 Treriksröset 1:100.000 Turkart Bardu 1:100.000 Turkart Nordreisa 1:100.000 Or do you think for good navigation, 1:50 000 is needed?
  9. Thanks Jan Erik Hansen, Using google translate, I can read your itinerary and it is very useful. I am still unsure about a couple of things regarding route. Can I use the google maps map (and perhaps the AllTails map) linked in my previous post as a reliable source to plan my route? Or do you think I should buy the physical maps first, and only then I will be able to plan my route (daily distance, huts, and resupply-points)? And are the huts present on the physical maps? Are the distances on your website (for example: Sorjushytta – Sårjåsjaure: 10 km) all distances between huts, or rather waypoints? Are the maps you used from https://ut.no/? Also, you lised 13 maps, did you carry all those maps on you for the whole trail? I think I should have the route, huts, and distances clearly in visual before looking at resupply points. Thanks in advance!
  10. Thanks Jan Erik and Anders, very useful info! It seems there are enough benefits of walking south-north then. I will try to start at Sulitjelma in mid-July so I have the best chance of favorable conditions with snow, water crossings, swamps and insects, and then try to end the trail around the end of August. Regarding the route. The only online sources I could find to get a good overview of the route, is one on Google Maps (link) and one on Alltrails (link). I am still struggling with finding the correct maps, so I can plan the route, daily distance and resupply-points. As I understand it now, there are some bits where there is no possibility of resupply for ~10 days, so I need to be able to carry at least 10 days worth of food. Do you believe the google maps map, is accurate enough to use it to plan daily distance and resupply points? And are there sources where I can find the correct places which are the resupply points (mainly for food)? Also, I am looking for psychical maps to carry with me for navigation. The only maps I could find are these (link) of Norge-serien, but these are all 1:50 000, which means I will need to carry a lot of maps (at least 11 I believe). Do people who hike the trail use these maps, or are there some 1:100 000 maps which people carry? Thanks for reading
  11. Thanks Jan Erik, I plan to start south in Sulitjelma, because of three reasons. First, because then I will have the sun in my back, instead of in my face. Second, because I believe I will have more wind in my back, instead of my face. Third, because I am hiking alone, I will see more people when hiking south-north because most people hike north-south (which is a benefit in safety concerns). I plan to hike the trail in begin July and end somewhere in Augustus. Do you also think starting in south will have these benefits?
  12. Hello everybody, I hope you will forgive me that I write in English in this forum. Although I cannot read Norwegian, I have used google translate to read some topics on this forum. I am trying to plan the whole Nordkalottruta / Nordkalottleden trail (800km), but there are almost no sources in English to plan the trip well. This seems like a place where there are people who know about this area/trail. Is there anyone here who has experience with this trail, and who might be able to help me plan it? Thanks already for reading! Google translate: Hei alle sammen, Jeg håper du vil tilgi meg at jeg skriver på engelsk i dette forumet. Selv om jeg ikke kan lese norsk, har jeg brukt google translate til å lese noen emner på dette forumet. Jeg prøver å planlegge hele Nordkalottruta / Nordkalottleden sti (800km), men det er nesten ingen kilder på engelsk for å planlegge turen godt. Dette virker som et sted hvor det er folk som vet om dette området / stien. Er det noen her som har erfaring med denne stien, og hvem kan kanskje hjelpe meg med å planlegge det? Takk allerede for å lese!
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