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  1. Thanks glote and Jan Otto! Great suggestions Hilsen Patryk
  2. Thank you TERKA - I'm in touch with Paweł now Have a nice & safe trips! REgards Patrick
  3. Hei and a Happy New Year to all! Is there anybody who knows polish instructor or skier-translator from Norwegian to Polish language? I'd like to organize course for Polish ski tourists living and/or riding in Norway Any ideas where to start looking? Regards Patrick
  4. Skogshorn doesn't look easier than Gaustatoppen, but thanks for suggestion!
  5. I got an answer, and there's no chance to find anybody to help us reach the top. Do you guys know where else we can go with nice view, maybe also with some "hytta" and within half a day from Oslo by car? Can be of course much lower...
  6. Sounds wisely Do you know where to look for a guide? And how much can this cost?
  7. Cable-car starts from February. But maybe you know some smaller mountain out there, which can be easier to access within next 2 days?
  8. Thanks for answer tklami This is what I thought so, but on fb webpage "conditions on Gaustatoppen" guys disadvised me that, since I have not too much experience in winter mountain trips in deep snow. They also mentioned about high avalanche risk these days...
  9. Hei everybody! I am new here, so first I want to say hello! I'd like to spend the last day of current year on some mountain trail - this is my idea to ask my girlfriend the most important Q about our future... So I'm looking for a mountain: - at least 1500m high - quite "easy" to reach now - which is within a few hours from Oslo by car - best if we could reach the top, or at least some mid-point with a nice view (if weather let us to do so) without skishoes (truger) and maybe also go down in ski/snowboard I spent last 48h looking form something li
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