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  1. Hi all, I promised to report back on how it went. Well, teriffic. I took some of your advice, but not everything, sorry. There was a lot of snow all the way from Grua to Hokksund (not Spikkestad, bummer) and the below treeline environment of the Oslomarka/drammensmarka made it easier for a beginner. Also it wasn’t too cold. So, not going to Hedmarksvidda I was confident in taking slightly less weight, no pulka, and an inverted canister gas stove. This worked out just fine, also in -16C. Next time I would buy the extrme gas version, just to be safe. Now I had the normal Coleman. Also I didn’t mind skiing with the backpack. Total weight was 16kg on the first day and 11 on the last. Including water. and you were right Eirik, my concerns about melting snow were unneccessary: there was enough liquid water. But sometimes hard to get to. People I met were very nice! The 6cm fjellski with partial steel edges were a perfect choice. One thing: I met a man on the trail with no wax ski’s with integrated skins. Instant jealousy! I found waxing pretty difficult. Looking at the asnes 48 skin, these look amazing. I did about 22 km per day which was just a fine distance for me. Oh yes: route finding in the nord- and ostmarka was much easier than in Drammensmarka. so all in all, a confidence booster and a very enjoyable week. You guys around Oslo are lucky to have such a back yard. Thanks for all the advice and see you. Kind regards papa hiker
  2. Hey guys, it's nice to get some local info! I'll consider the pulka (would have to rent) and won't worry about the tracks. If I plan on Spikkestad (depends on snow and on hw fast it is going) I'll send a note. We call Dutch who live in Norway "nedernoren". Coffee is always a good idea. 😀
  3. Hi all, thanks a lotfor your answers. I will follow your advice and take a liquid fuel stove and the åsnes in stead of the madshus skis. Dear Rayun, thanks for posting a video! I will watch it today. I do hope there is a lot of snow as below treeline seems better for me as beginner. kind regards, Papa hiker
  4. Hey thanks a lot for the replies! Some of it is reassuring. Maybe you guys could help me out some more with the liquid water question? I'm wondering if I need to melt snow, or if you can just crack a hole in the ice and get water from the lakes? I did mean the gas canisters, I have a gas burner with a preheating tube where you can turn the canister upside down. I'll take two 200 gr. canisters. Problem is they are not allowed on the plane! Which is why a wood burner is also an option. Hey Omnilite, as a back up plan I'm looking at following the route system in Hedmarksvidda (troll loypa and others) from Ringebu to Hamar, but that will probably be more advanced? I'm a fit guy and a reasonably fast skier, just not experienced with solo winter camping trips. So I'll keep an eye on skisporet.no in the weeks prior to the trip and if the Nordmarka is snowless it will have to be Ringebu. Or maybe someone has another tip? Thanks for the ski advice. I will take the Asnes skis then, I love them more anyway. A pulka is not super attractive for me: being a beginner I guess it is better to stick to the marked routes and I would feel super weird messing up the tracks with a pulka. Is it even allowed? Anyway all my gear together is not so heavy, so I'll just lug it on my back. Oh yes and one more question: should I take climbing skins?? Thanks a lot again! Kind regards from Holland, Papa hiker
  5. Dear forum members, excuse me for writing in English. I read your forum in Norwegian, but writing in your great language would be a bit hard for me. I hope some of you could help me with the preparation for a solo ski trip with tent. I am an experienced hiker and camper, but not so much in winter. As i'm also going solo it seems logical to pick an easy area for a solo ski trip. Oslomarka good idea? For a seven day trip I plan to ski from Grua to Spikkestad, probably in march. If I have time left maybe all the way to Hokksund? I have good camping equipment and a very warm winter sleeping bag. But I do have some questions: do you know where to buy gas for my stove, what do you think of the route length, is it good camping there, do you think I could find liquid water or would i need to melt snow? Is it easy to find wood for a campfire? Also a ski question: with a 13-16 kg backpack, should I go with my 7cm wide Madshus or the 6cm wide åsnes? The Madshus have full steel edges, the åsnes 3/4, but actually I like the stiffer åsnes much better. The tracks will be most suited for 6cm skis? Any other tips and input are very welcome, please answer på norsk if it is easier. thank you very much in advance, Papa hiker
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