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  1. Much obliged Preikestolen is not a problem and aready arranged.Kjerag is the problem and it looks like we will not be able to complete this one due to transport problems. We are looking at an alternative of Bynuten to Selvikstakken from Holehela car park, Sandnes. If anybody would like to do thus as well (and anything else ) please get in touch. We will pay for the hire vehicle fees if somebody does not mind driving.... and bottle of whiskey /rum still applies as a thank you Martin
  2. Thank you ....yet more long Norwegian names to look up Martin
  3. Apologies but spellchecker took over I was trying to say nice moustache
  4. Thanks....will have a look....nice teacher by the way Martin
  5. Already looked and if I am not mistaken cannot get back to Stavanger by ferry until next day due to timings....or am I being thick martin Stavanger hiking OK it appears that Kjerag is not going to happen. Can anybody advise of medium to challenging hikes near Stavanger that are accessible using public transport and completed within a day OR are there any hiking groups out there organising a walk 24/25/26 May 2017 that would not mind 8 People joining them. We are a mixture of serving/retired PoliceOfficers and friends. thanks Martin
  6. Already looked and if I am not mistaken cannot get back to Stavanger by ferry until next day due to timings....or am I being thick martin
  7. Crikey....who would have thought going for a walk in Norway could be so difficult just had a thought...what if we hire a couple of cars and somebody local also wants to go on walk guide us through the road network...plus they get that bottle of whiskey or rum!!!!
  8. Does anybody want to earn some pocket money hiring and driving a minibus to get us back and forth to Kjerag.....sensible pricing and probably throw in a bottle of whiskey!!!!!
  9. Thanks for the comments so far. I myself have hiked both Pulpit Rock and Kjerag previously and am aware of the nature of the trails. My issue is getting to start point of Kjerag. I am not happy to hire a minibus and drive having had no experience of driving abroad and my thinking is to get transport we will probably need to hire a guide unless somebody knows of a different option that will not cost the earth
  10. Hi i have arranged for a group of 8 to visit Stavanger 23- 27 May 2017 with a view to hiking Kjerag . Unfortunately I have been unable to book this trip as company offering trip is fully booked. Is there anybody able to provide transport and / or act act as guide on any date 24,25 or 26. We are hoping to also hike pulpit rock which is organised thanks Martin
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