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  • Bursdag 06. juni 1962

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  1. Stephen Mac

    Stephen Mac

  2. I decided to forgo my usual trip to The Alps or The Pyrenees this year so I could make a return trip to wonderful Norway. I had been in June and enjoyed a lovely and varied trip in Romsdal, Dovrefell and Rondane and this time I wanted to explore somewhere new. I opted for Jotunheimen and I must say it didn't disappoint. The story is here...[Hidden Content] I hope you enjoy. Stephen😀
  3. Hi all. I am returning to Norway on August 30th for a hiking trip through the Jotunheimen. I was hoping to get a bus to Spiterstulen but it seems the bus stops on August 21st?????. I was going to continue to Gjendesheim and get the bus to Otta for my return to the airport on Monday September 5th but guess what...that bus stops running on the 4th. My question is what are the chances of getting a drive to Vagamo by hitchhiking??. If it is pretty good I might take the chance as I could start at Leirvassbu. I looked up the price of a taxi from Gjendesheim to Otta and it is around 180Euro...wow. I
  4. Last June I spent 10days exploring your wonderful country. It is a place I have long wanted to visit but I hadn't gotten around to it until now. Its fair to say I was impressed. Hopefully it was just the first trip of many. The full story is here........[Hidden Content]
  5. Thanks for the info guys. Looking forward to my return visit
  6. Hi all. Just a quick question about camping near huts. I see that this is allowed (for a small fee) so I was wondering if you can use the hut facilities ?? like the drying room or toilets etc. Many thanks, Stephen
  7. Thanks for that. I will be alone but I'm a pretty experienced mountaineer so hopefully will be fine. If the glaciers are dry travelling on them will be okay. I will assess when I see them.
  8. Thanks for the reply. The gas canister is the normal screw in one so hopefully it will be fine. I'll bring the axe and crampons. Now all I need is good weather
  9. Hello again. Well it seems I have fallen for Norway. Normally I head to the Alps in late summer but this year I'm heading back here for a second time this summer. I am arriving August 30th and staying for a week. I will go to the Jotunheimen area this time and I'm looking for advice. I'm hoping to get some peaks done as well as hiking and I'm wondering if crampons AND axe are necessary?. Also I'm thinking of using Lom as my starting point and I will need to get some primus gas (or similar) for my stove. Can I buy that there?. Many thanks Stephen
  10. I recently visited Norway for the first time for a hiking trip. It was a place I had long hoped to visit and I must say it didn't disappoint. I hope to return soon and explore some more. I had asked some questions on this forum and thanks so much for your help. The story of the trip is here. Many thanks and I hope you enjoy, Stephen [Hidden Content]
  11. Thanks very much for the replies. One final question. Is it possible to walk down from Venjesdalen to the valley below and the campsite under the Troll Wall. I cant seem to see any paths marked. Thanks Stephen
  12. Thanks Guys. I will have a pretty tight schedule in Oslo with no time to shop for gas. I guess I will give the petrol stove a service and bring that.
  13. Hi there. I will be arriving in Andalsnes on June 18th from Ireland for a 10 day hiking trip in the area. I will be arriving quite late 19.30 and I am wondering is it possible to buy a gas canister for my primus stove and would it be possible to also buy a map of the area. Would the local petrol station have maps and gas??. Are all the shops closed then or will they be open on Sunday morning??. I can if necessary bring an old petrol burning stove but I would prefer the Primus gas one. I am completely flexible about what to do as I have never been to Norway before so it will all be new. I am a
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