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(English) The Guardian "Should Everest be closed?"


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It's a long article about Mount Everest and about the Khumbu, published last weekend.

Some people here may take an interest: "Conservationists campaign to close Everest"

Link => Should Everest be closed?

Tourism is turning the world's highest peak into its biggest rubbish dump, claim conservationists, who are pressing for controls on climbing. But will this cost sherpas their livelihood? Dan McDougall in Kathmandu reports on the campaign

'When Sir Edmund has said he wanted the mountain closed or visits limited, the last thing he wants is for the sherpas to lose their livelihoods, but we in the trust strongly believe that not just Everest but the whole of the Khumba Valley needs a sustained rest. These villages have become enormously wealthy by local standards, but along the trail towards Everest there are now restaurants and cyber cafes and bars, and this just doesn't seem right.'

Mountains under threat

Mt Blanc, France

Tianshan, China

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

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