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[EN] Hardangervidda: Your opinion on hiking route options

Tomte Tummetott

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Hello :-)

me and a friend will be in Norway from the 12 - 23.08 for a camping tour in the Hardangervidda. In the end we will be hiking seven full days.

At first we wanted to hike from Finse to Geilo, which is practical because you are right at the Bergen Railway at the start and the end point.

We then changed our minds and decided to hike from Finse to Kinsarvik (and take the Bergen Railway from Voss), as we've heard it will be the more beautiful route (and we might have a chance to go up the Harteigen). Unfortunately it requires a bus ride from Kinsarvik to Voss at the end, which is a bit annoying.

Basically we've now identified two route options, but we can't really decide between them:

Hidden Content

(116 km)

Hidden Content

(112 km)

Which option would you choose and why?
(Is one maybe easier or more beautiful than the other?)

We've got quite some hiking experience but never hiked in the Hardangervidda before, so I'm also curious on what you think about how hard this route is going to be. 
(116km in 7 days with a heavy backpack sounds definitely doable for us, but we don't know the terrain too well).


Thanks a lot in advance!

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