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Steve AdamsEpisode #102 – Will Ransom (Bear Spray or Ever Changing)


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I met Will Ransom at Trail Day in 2017 and was impressed by the bond that he shared with his dog, Rhetta. I’d hoped to interview him for the show but lost his details, only to find them recently when I moved home. Will was a fascinating guy to talk with as he had strong views on how to care for your dog when on a trail.




He had told me at Trail Days that he intended to summit Katahdin with Rhetta, but experience, other people, and his good nature prevailed. So, Will had to flip up to Katahdin where he summited alone.




However, Will wasn’t to be denied finishing the Appalachian Trail with Rhetta. They finished, together, at Bennington Vermont.


If you’ve ever thought about taking your dog with you on a long-distance hike listen and learn from Will’s experiences.


Our three guests from the Outdoor Retailer’s Summer Market are:


Aaron Kirkham of Renovo Water, with the MUV water filter. You can read much more about this remarkably versatile product at  http://renovowater.com/about-muv/ or contact Aaron at [email protected]


Lara Brecht showed me the Espro Ultralight Travel Press, which not only makes great coffee but keeps it great, and hot for hours. The results were really impressive. You can read more about the Ultralight at http://www.esprocanada.com/esproshop/espro-ultralight-press and contact Lara at [email protected].


Cade Rees of Klymit showed me my new favorite set up, with the Sky Bivy. I’ve added a few pics to show you what it looked like. You can read about it yourself at https://www.klymit.com/sky-bivy.html or contact Cade at [email protected]


IMG_0383.jpg IMG_0385.jpg


Greg Seymour (Sunsets) made a welcome return to the show with two things he would do differently in If I Did It Again. Greg and his wife, Jen (Chica), will be heading out to the Camino in Spain in a week or so. For those of you interested (like me!!) here is their Camino gear video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlXdiALZy14&t=606s


We hope that you take the opportunity to support our sponsor, Trailtopia, when you consider your next backpacking trip. Go to https://www.trailtopia.com/ to check out their wide variety of meals.


Obviously, we couldn’t finish without another picture of Rhetta (and Will).



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