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  1. In Europe you can also buy from [Hidden Content]. Not cheaper but no problems with customs and the import duties. They have a very good service, I bought a Yak from them.
  2. Leuk om te horen, maar het zijn en blijven veredelde vakantiekiekjes
  3. You will not regret it! Some photos here: [Hidden Content] (not in English yet)
  4. Got home from my trip to Lyngen Alps a week ago. Had a really, really good trekking even though I could not cross Strupbreen because it had a lot of snow. Fishing only in Jaegervatnet, nowhere else. Not even in Trolvatnet. @Fjellbokken: there's a very good place to pitch a tent at Strupvatnet, see attachment. There are 2 sandy spots there, and I mean sandy like a beach in Spain, absolutely perfect.
  5. @Fjellbokken: I'll let you know when I get back. @elipeli: OK, that's bad news about the snow on Strupbreen... Well, I'll just have to see how things go. Thanks for the information!
  6. @ Fjellbokken: just after the glacier at Strupvatnet there should be a reasonable camping place, but yes, the next place is at Jægervatnet because of the scree. About the fish: big heads make for good fish soup!
  7. That's good to know! But no fish in the other lakes?
  8. I have Garmin Basecamp with detailed topographic maps, but [Hidden Content] is very useful for the satellite photos (100x better than Google Maps), thanks!!
  9. I'm planning a nice trip in the Lyngen Alps in the first 2 weeks of August, and I have a few question that I hope some of you can answer. Complete route (roughly): Question 1; on the map below, part A seems like a very steep slope. My book says 'stay around 450m. height' but also that it is covered with grass and if it's wet, forget it. Is it doable? I'm NOT as tough as you Vikings Question 2; I have to cross the mouth of the Strupbreen-glacier (see part B on the map). I just want to know if Strupbreen is indeed aper (snow-free) and if it has many (deep) crevasses because I
  10. Thanks for that superfast answer Vandrefalk! But cold water, serious?? I'll have to bring my water cooker On topic again: I'll think about this fjell tur and get as must info as I can.
  11. @Vandrefalk: you say 'traverse the (easy) glacier to the east of Storglomvatn'. But I guess you still need crampons and pickle, right? Is it river A or river B (the Glormåga) on this google-map [Hidden Content] that can't be crossed?
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