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    Hiking, skiing, packrafting, bikepacking, photography
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  2. Video from our recent trip, hiking six days through Alvdal Vestfjell and into the Rondane
  3. So the plan was for friends from Germany and Spain to visit me in Bergen, take our packrafts and hike/paddle across Hardangervidda for eight days next week. With all the snow, reports of difficult trail conditions and deep river crossings we are starting to think that maybe this trip, this year, in these conditions, might be a bit too much Type 2 Fun (not fun at the time but fun reliving it afterwards) for our summer holiday... With this in mind does anyone have suggestions of another area that we could hike/paddle for a week or so and that is also accesible by train/bus from Bergen?
  4. Thanks! When I searched under 'Fiinmarksvidda' on kartbuttiken.no all I got was the aforementioned 1:250 000 'jakt & fiskekart'. It might be a good choice for some initial planning I guess but I'm pretty sure it'll be nowhere near detailed enough when we're up there, on skis and the sun is going down Does anyone know which 1:50 000 maps I need to cover Karasjohka to Kautokeino?
  5. I'm in the planning stages of organising a 7 day skitur in Finnmarksvidda in late March with a Swedish friend. We aim to fly to Alta and then ski for a week, preferably 'off-trail' as much as possible (we have plenty of experience of off-trail travel and my Swedish friend is an ex-army captain). One idea was a kind of semi-circle from Karasjohka to Kautokeino (or the other way around depending on travel connections and prevailing weather). Apart from a 1:250 000 scale hunting and fishing map I have been unable to find any detailed maps of the area. The staff at Bergen Turlag couldn't find
  6. Thanks to everyone for your help. I ordered one from Sportsnett. They were on sale so even with the 250kroner servicepakke shipping costs it didn't coast too much.
  7. Shame there wasn't any at Outdoor, I was planning on going there tomorrow. Still looks like Sportsnett is my best bet. Thanks for everybody's input.
  8. Thanks to everyone for the fast replies. Looks like I will be ordering the Paris pulk from Sportsnett! johnpd - I had a look on finn.no for used Paris pulks but couldn't find one in the Bergen area.
  9. Does anyone know where I can buy a Paris Expedition sled in the Bergen area? If not then does anyone know an on-line retailer in Norway that will ship the sled? I have tried several retailers but they won't ship the sled due to it's size. Takk! Joe
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