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  1. Hi all! At the end of April I want to go kayaking for 3 or 4 days in Norway with a group of friends. I realize it will still be very cold then, so afterwards we want to rent a luxury house or a rorbu (preferably with a jacuzzi!) for a few days more We want to go to some places with a lot of nature and few people around, and sleep somewhere in the wild. Some helpful folks at a Dutch forum already gave me some nice tips. Apparently the fjords are already very beautiful at this time of year (though I was warned for heavy winds) and somebody suggested a trip from Gudvangen to Fjaerlandsfjord where he kayaked before in July. Also the south coast was suggested. What kind of advice or tips do you guys have? Are the fjords a good option during this time of year? Maybe you know some other nice places to go? Do you know maybe whether it's possible to rent kayaks in Gudvangen (for example) and return them in some other place so that we don't have to travel back? Thanks in advance! Arend.

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