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  1. Hello Martin, thanks for the good hint, I'll ask them
  2. I already checked out the maps and also the information on ut.no. But there are no informations about possible Ski routes in the this part of the area. Therefore I started to try to get more information of local people who know the area. I also contacted the DNT (MRT) and they told me that Litldalen in general is more suitable then øksendalen (Brandstadbu-Reinsvassbu) regarding avalange danger. So, we will most likely go Litldalen in case the snow conditions are not unfortunate. I might report it once we have done it. Anyway, thank you for the hints!! BR, cosynook
  3. I'm wondering if it's possible to go on the winter-closed Aursjøvegen through the Litledalen (near Sunndalsøra) up to Holbuvatnet/Osvatnet on Ski? What about avalange danger on this route in March? Are there alternative routes in the area in order to go to Reinvassbu or Raubergshytta?
  4. Hello Community, sorry for writing in English! I'm looking for a good starting point for a Skitour in March starting around Sunndalsøra in order to cross the Dovrefjell from west to east. While studying maps I found that Brandstad at the end of Øksendalen could be a good start. The road seems to be open in winter. Does anybody know if the route from Brandstadbu to Reinsvassbu is a suitable Ski route? What about the general avalanche danger in this area? Another option would be Litldalen. But I'm not sure if one can follow the winter-closed road up to Holbuvatnet? Is this road maybe us
  5. Hi, I did some years ago a crossing from Fjearlandshytta to Bodalen in mid July. Beside a few smaller crevasses at the lower parts of the glaciers there was no big problem. We got about 50cm of new snow and I would recommend to use Ski or Snowshoes as it will be hard to cross on foot in such conditions. A tricky thing is always to cross Smattene further north as this steep glacier tongue is heavily crevassed and might be hard to cross in summer. In any case you should bring rescue equipment. Best regards, cosynook
  6. Hello guys, did anybody of you the ski tour from Krossbu to Leirvassbu or vice versa during the easter weekend? How are the conditions, especially when climbing Storebjörn from Smorstabbrean side (south-west)? Are crampons and iceaxe necessary at the moment? Is the route still marked around 20th of April? best regards, cosynook
  7. Hello Dalegudbrand, thanx for the prompt info! You recommended Grotli instead of Pollfoss. But is it feasible to use the summer route down to Raudalsvatnet on Ski? Not too step? Or is there another route suitable for skiing? Do you know if the road from Pollfoss to the dam of Rauddalsvatnet is open in April? Regarding the route onwards from Slaeom: I'm also considering to carry on via Sprongdalshytta, Arentzbu. Then there are 2 options: 1. west via Nordstedalsseter and Krossbu or 2. further south via Fast, Vigdalstöl and Navarsete Your recommendation via Sota als
  8. Hello, I'm currently planning a ski trip through Breheimen in mid April. Pollfoss seems to be a good starting point but I'm wondering if the route to Skridulaupbu is feasible as winter route? Is it possible to go on the artificial lake? Furthermore, from there on to Slaeom the route crosses a glacier. Is glacier equipment necessary during this time of the year? Then going on south from there do you have a recommendation about a nice route? Best regards, Steffen
  9. Hello guys, I'm considering a trip to Storebjorn in mid September. Regarding the route from Leirvassbu there might be 2 different routes. One is via Bjornebrean and the other (also indicated in the Turkart) seems to approach Sandelivbrean. The same for the descent via Smorstabbrean. One route to Boverbrean and another via Leirbrean more to the north. Does anybody know about the conditions of the glacier at the moment. Which route is preferable at the moment? What about the glacier condition at the rocky tower near the summit? Thanks a lot for your help!!! Best regar
  10. Hello Morten, thank you for your valueable answer. It helps a lot for planning the trip even if I finally have to decide when I'm there. Meanwhile I also try to get information regarding possible routes via the ridges. I browsed to your nice websites and found that it should be possible to cross all the ridge over the Vestre Memurutindane from P2140, over P2280 and finally climb Store Memurutinden (west summit, 2364m) without serious climbing involved. According to the map it should be possible to continue then north over P2264 and then on to Veoskardet and down to the Visdalen.
  11. Hello guys, sorry for writing in English! I'll be in Jotunheimen soon and I plan to do same trips in the vicinity of Memurubu, Spiterstulen and Glitterheim huts. I'm wondering if it is feasible to cross Vestre Memurubrean, Hellstugubrean, Veobrean and Styggehobrean alone? I'm experienced on glaciers and I'll carry crampons and ice axe. According to my guide book, these glaciers are not that crevassed but consist of lots of "water holes". How are the conditions on the ice usually in August? Is there still much snow on it? Can somebody recommend such a route on these glaciers?
  12. Hello guys, I'm planning a ski trip in march through Guohpervagge, Ruohtesvagge and Rapadalen in the Sarek mountains. Does anybody know about possible summit routes that could be done from these valleys as a one day return trip? What about Guohper or the the Sarektjakka range? And what alpine equipment is necessary? We do not intent to do a serious climb but think about a route of level PD or so. Where can I get more information about climbing in winter in that area? Best regards, Steffen
  13. Hello guys, I'm thinking about a crossing of the Jostedalsbreen in summer and like to get some advice about possible routes. The idea is to use Flabrehytta near Fjaerland as a possible start point and Bodalen/Erdalen as finish (or vice versa). I already found out that the route to/from Erdalen might become impassable in summer due to the crevassed Smottene ice stream. But what about the Bodalen route, would that route suitable in summer? Is a rope and glacier equipent necessary? And in general, are Ski still a must for the crossing in that period or is it sufficient to have cram
  14. Hello locals, as I'll do a longer Ski trip in the Troms area soon, I'm wondering if it makes sense to carry a small FM/AM receiver in order to get the weather forecast in that area (preferably in English)? And if yes, on what frequency? Thanx for your kind help!!! Best regards, cosynook
  15. Hello guys, as I'm currently planning a Ski Trip from Kilpisjärvi (Finland) to Abisko in March 2007 I'd like to get some info about public transport from Tromsö (or Alta) to Kilpisjärvi during winter? According to several web sources, there are no busses at that time of the year. Is there any other possibility? Best regards, Steffen from Germany
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