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  • Bursdag 01. mars 1958

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    Grejsdalen, Vejle, Danmark

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  1. Hej jeg hedder john, jeg er engelsk men søger hjælp på en rute fra høvringen til grimsalshytta.
    Hello, My name is John and I see that you have previously done a winter cross country ski route from  Høvringen to Grimsdalshytta 
    I am looking for advice on that route. If you have GPX files that would be very useful as I do not know the area.

    I have only seen a summer hiking route on DT.no but am not sure if that is a good route in winter.

    I would like to do a circular route from  Høvringen to Grimsdalshytta to rondvassbu to Høvringen 

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Many thanks


    1. Lars M

      Lars M

      Hi John

      I am sorry, but I don't have any gpx-file, and I don't remember our exact route. However I have a rough idea, that we were not far from the summer route indicated on maps 1718 IV "Otta" and 1519 III "Hjerkinn". Maybe we saved some meters of ascent and descent by omitting Sletthøe (1576 m, 1577 m) and instead pass by Langtjønne (1208 m) 3 km further west. After crossing Skortbekken we maybe also went a little to the right of the summer route - a little further away from Storvassberget (1406 m). Up along the unnamed creek from Storvatnet (1223 m) we saw footprints in the snow. We guess, it was from a wolverine. Our technique on descents is not that good, so for us it was hard work to get down to Grimsdalen - maybe also because it had been a long day, and we were tired. For others this descent is probably piece of cake.

      Another group also started from Høvringen the same day and headed for Grimsdalshytta, but they made a navigation error and ended at Haverdalsseter. Haverdalsseter was not officially open for the season yet, but the staff had arrived to prepare for opening, so they let this group in.

      Your circular route is more or less the same, as we did. After Grimsdalshytta we went to Dørålseter, then Rondvassbu. We stayed at Rondvassbu for three nights and used the two extra days for day trips with lighter backpacks.

      Have a nice trip!

      Best regards



    2. John Nelson

      John Nelson

      Thank you,

      This is a great help!

      If I survive the weekend I will send a photo

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