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  1. Hey, now i directly contactet the Bygland Kommune. They told me its free to fish there Sven Büttner, You are correctly informed, in this area there is no fishing permit sold. Fishing is allowed, sertainly -. The area is wilderness, please don`t leave any garbage. Have a nice vacation ! Helsing Arne Vethe Bygland kommune
  2. Hello again, this seems to be very complicated i allready spoke to Olav Straume, because he owns only the northern part of the straumsfjorden, i also called some turistinformations. The Turistinformation in Valle said i need to speek to the owners, but they dont know who they are. The Touristinformation in Bygland said, fishing in these lakes is free. This confuses me, because Olav Straume allready said ill have to pay. I dont want to get any trouble, what would happen if the touristinformation Bygland is wrong, i go fishing, a ranger comes and i tell him (maybe show hin the mail of the tourist information) that i have no license because they told me i dont need one. What did you guys do on your trips?
  3. Hi, thank you very very much. I contactet Olav. He seems to be a really nice guy Sadly he can only help me with licenses for the northern part of the Straumsfjorden and the northern half of Mjavatnet. Have you got also an idea how i can get licenses for the lakes south of Straumsfjorden like Vanarosen and Hjellevatn? Thanks again Greetings, Sven
  4. Hello everybody, im really sorry for bothering you. My name is Sven Büttner and im from Germany. In a few weeks, im going on a canoe trip which has nearly the same route as this one. While im on the trip, i would love to go fishing. I contactet the tourist information in Valle and Bygland, but no one can give me information about the fishing license i need. Neither which nor where i can get them. I saw that you where fishing there too. Maybe you can tell me where i can get the licenses and what the licenses cost. I try to attach a map of my planned route. Please excuse me for my bad english and digging out this old thread. Ill hope your ok with that. Thank you very much, Sven Büttner http://fs1.directupload.net/images/150529/7aj2hzys.png

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