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    Family frendly area

    Thanks for the suggestions! Rondane to Hafjell is probably nice and easy route. Have gone far Venabu till Hoevringen and might very well try the Southern direction. As for Trekanten - definitely more challenging! The problem might be the route marking in March this year - the Easter is on April 20 and we are planning the trip around March 15. Not yet ready for unmarked routes in the mountains! Any suggestions for Hardangervidda area?
  2. Hej! I'm planning "hyttetur" in Norway in March. We would like to go 4-5 day trip cabin-to-cabin on skis (15-25km a day) and finalize it in an area where families with children can join for a couple of days for easier short day trips. We have done it several times in Rondane with a stay in Høvringen afterwards. My question is - can you suggest a similar combination somewhere else in Norway? P.S. Sorry for posting in English. My written Norwegian is too rusty. But I can very well read in Norwegian.

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