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  2. Hi! I have not been in Georgia, but also thought about it, so let me tell my considerations. Svaneti is great region, it is without doubt a "must see" of Georgia, but I'd better visit it in summer, because in summer most trekking routes are available. As as ski resort, Mestia has very short history, and has few prepared ski-slopes. The most highly developed ski resort in Georgia is Gudauri, so in winter I'd prefer it. Anyway, first visit to Georgia is a great experience
  3. I can try to answer your questions. I was in a trip there, and personally know many people who also were, in different regions of Kyrgyzstan.
  4. Now the risk of terrorism in Caucasus is relatively low, because unprecedented actions of safety were performed during and before olympic games in Sochi. Also, there are no bad news about Elbrus region on russian mountaineering websites. However, Caucasus is unpredictable, and everything can happen suddenly. But, I think, that, generally, risk of terrorism is much less than risk of natural mountain dangers.
  5. Phone number of rescue service is 112, am I right? Are there any different numbers for specific areas?
  6. One more question - I see depth of snow on Jostedalsbreen is above 4 meters (dark blue). Does it mean just depth of snow, or summary thickness of snow and ice?
  7. Thanks, Lindap, very useful site. Now I'm looking at snow depth near Lodalskapa, and it shows that snow begins near Bodalssetter, and that it is above two meters of snow near Kopevatnet. Can it be true? I'm a little bit confused.
  8. I have read that resque service is free in Norway, including helicopter evacuation. In case of norwegian citizens all is clear - they pay their taxes in Norway. What about the case of foreigners that need resque? No doubt that foreigner also will be saved. Question is - who will pay the bills? My assumption is - insurance company have to pay bills for resque of foreigner. But I dont know exactly, how it happens in reality. Does anybody know anythig about it? Maybe, there is some standard procedure of interaction between rescue service and insurance company in this case?
  9. I have information that this year is very snowy, isn't it?
  10. Do any people stay at Nesdal regularly? I thought, it is abandoned, isn't it? Maybe, there are functioning summer hotels or huts there? If so, I can hope that a trail to Nesdalen is sometimes used and not overgrown. Is the boat service regular at Kjenndalsstova?
  11. Hello again! I have new interesting idea. Kjenndalstova - Nesdalen - Vesledalen - Gjerdaaksla. No route description available from Nesdalen and farther, but I feel it can be possible. But some questions occur. - Is it good idea to cross Kjenndalselva at its delta, by the coast of Lovatnet? - Is it possible to go by the left bank of Kjenndalselva, opposite from the road, down from the bridge near Krunefossen? - Is it possible to cross Utigardselva somewhere near Utigardsetra? Unfortunately, no photos of Nesdalen available, so I have no idea, what is the river like. - Does it ma
  12. [Hidden Content] One more photo. Is the route on the big shelf covered with snow in the center of photo?
  13. Can it be the beginning of Tjuvskåra route at the left side of the photo? [Hidden Content]
  14. And what about the route Kjenndalen - Tjuvskora - 1512 point? Is it more simple than the route discussed above? [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  15. Squidman, thank you for advice! Hiring a guide will make a trip more safe, but at the same time, will kill the spirit of adventure
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