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trekking with my dog in july, looking for tips and company


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hi there,

my name is stefan and i am living currently in Skåne, Sweden. 

Ca. 10.-20. July I will be with my dog around Jotunheimen or Hardangervidda touring and I am looking for tips about trekking and friendly people to exchange experiences with! :)

Cause my dog is only 8 month old I will not be able to walk great distances, what do you recommend? 

Feel free to contact me with PM. I speak: swedish, german, english and a bit french.

I am looking forward to get in touch!

Kindest regards 

Stefan & Kenjii



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I would recommend Kalhovd. You can go quite far in to “the wilderness” by car.  And you can take a boat from Synken even longer into Hardangervidda. You can also take a boat from Skinnarbu to Mogen tourist station. This is all in the Rjukan area, north east in Telemark. Here you also have Gaustatoppen mountain. That is not a very dog friendly trip though. 




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